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If you would like it to be shorter then look at the words that you use in the piece and see if you can use one word instead of two or three anywhere.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't see how to do that. I will look into adding more detail, as suggested earlier, and/or just start over, from scratch, and eliminate some of the copy.

I know some people here have published their work. That's gotta feel good. While I've never been paid for my writing, I have had some minor successes over the years. I've written some ad copy, sales letters, resumes and cover letters just to help some folks. I just wrote a piece for a woman, that inspired her to launch a business that she had been considering. The common denominator for all of the above? They were short, and to the point. So, maybe I will do a rewrite for this web site, with a 600- 800 word limit.

I appreciate the feedback.