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Thread: Comic book character concept

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    Comic book character concept

    Concept work for a comicbook character at various ages. Mainly was a challenge to try to draw diff ages
    Still a work in progress for the design
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Drawn with Clip Studio Paint on Surface Pro 4
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    Yo Hiro. Mine is a useless post and should be removed by the mods. May I suggest that you enjoy drawing the fashion elements more than the characters themselves?
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    Try finding stock photos of men of varying ages and look at the details of their face. Age markers are in the face, hands, and joints.

    In drawing you can incorporate details like crows feet, smile lines, light lines on the forehead (worry lines or expression lines), under eye bags or sunken eyes. These make people look older.

    Kids tend to have bigger eyes, smaller faces and less defined jawlines.

    Your characters look the appropriate age.

    Hope that helps.
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    The look okay. Believably the same person. I can't over the size of the 7 year old. He will be gigantic among his peers OR he is very small full grown..
    If it's regular sized, the difference in height should be way more significant.

    Also, I find it very unlikely he will have the exact same haircut for all those years.


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