Rongluwas born of Mandarin Clan. His grandfather and father both died inGuangxi Province fighting the Peaceful Army when it had just begunits mutiny. As a reward to their family and an appreciation of thefeats they had performed, Ronglu had been given a post as an officialin Construction Ministry. When Sushun had been the minister, Rongluhad nearly been put into jail under the false accusation ofembezzlement. When Wenqiang had been made the minister there, he hadgreatly appreciated the ability of Ronglu in handling the ministerialbusiness. When Prince Yihuan wanted to reorganize the specialdivision and strengthen its discipline and needed someone to helphim, Secretary Wenqiang recommended Ronglu to him. Ronglu wasappointed Wing General just like a bird needs wings. Ronglu knewwho's who and what's what in that division. That's why Wenqiang toldRonglu to form the detachment for him. He would take the detachmentto arrest horseback robbers, with Ronglu as his aide.
Asthat division was notorious for its non-discipline and inability tofight, West Empress Dowager was anxious to make sure how things stoodwith it. So she sent Little An to have a look. Little An went therein plain clothes. He saw quite a few uniformed men carrying birdcages and others eating food bought from vendors. The scene lookedlike either a market place or an amusement spot. West EmpressDowager made Secretary Wenqiang acquainted with her fear, butWenqiang soothed her by saying that it was because those men wereliving in the big city, too much luxurious things to distract themfrom their duties and if they were put in difficult conditions, theywould adjust themselves to the situation. So Secretary Wenqiang ledhis detachment to guard the mausoleums of the former emperors againstthe horseback robbers, who already ran away before the detachmentarrived. Secretary Wenqiang helped the local government toreorganized the local defensive forces and then let Ronglu takecharge of the detachment to chase the robbers. He himself came backto the capital and reported to the empress dowagers that the imperialgraves were safe now.