Designing your own book cover? This could be of interest...

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Thread: Designing your own book cover? This could be of interest...

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    Designing your own book cover? This could be of interest...

    You may find these links useful. I've tried which I actually used to create memes for social media, but have not tried any of the other sites. If you do try them please post your feedback here for reference.

    14 Sites for Making a Spectacular Book Cover


    A book's cover is often the first thing a reader sees when they find your book for the first time.You never have a second chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes, which is why many would suggest you hire a professional to design your book covers.
    But some authors have the skill to DIY or want to learn about cover design by doing so they can work better with the designers they hire, so here are fourteen sites, services, and apps that you can use to make an awesome book cover...
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    That site was terrible slow for me to load, but then we don't have a good reputation for fast internet in this country and Wordpress blogs are notoriously slow anyway.

    That aside, I've been creating CD/DVD covers for bands for more than 20 years and while I agree that most people can make covers for their own books they don't need anything special to do so. Even a 10 year old copy of Photoshop will make a cover most people will be happy with.

    Like everything though there are reasons to hire a professional. Two biggest turn offs for me with e-books and self published books is that too many authors think they can do everything and the results show in poor editing and poor cover design.

    Editing really does come down to preference and two professional editors will edit the same story differently, but too many self published books come complete with typos and badly punctuated stories because the author's brain knows what they want to say and can easily read over the subtle mistakes in the writing. Almost no one can edit their own writing perfectly despite what some say. Making your own cover can be the same.

    Having been in the game for years I often get asked to preview cover work for different things and while some of them are great and the owner put a lot of effort in there is always something they miss. A wrongly blended colour, a bunch of colours that play havoc with those with colour perception problems, text overlays that the creator can see because they know what it is but the casual viewer can't see at a glance.

    I'm not suggesting people shouldn't make their own covers but considering the cover sells the book long before the reader sees the story and often that cover needs to grab attention in a fraction of a second and then keep that attention one may well be selling themselves short by assuming they can do it all because there is software packages that can help.


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