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    Flying Doctor (risqué content/sexual innuendo/swear word)

    A very short, fun piece I wrote for a writing group I visit. The prompt was Jealous Drone and the request was for up to 250 words (I wrote nearly 300 but it was a request rather than a hard limit).

    Flying Doctor

    The two lovers lay upon their bed, enjoying sweet caresses in the afterglow of climax. The distant hum of cars passing on the A-road was the only intrusion from the world outside - and the twitter of birds singing their goodnight songs through the open window.
    “How was it for you, Barb?“ asked Bob.
    “Wonderful, my love, but I wish my back wasn’t still playing up.”
    “Maybe go see the doctor,” he suggested.
    “I phoned them this morning. No appointments for two weeks. The receptionist did say she might send someone around, but that’s the last I heard of it.”
    They started as the window threatened to break. This sounded too loud for a renegade bird attacking its reflection. They watched, wide-eyed, as the small machine found its way through the window and plopped onto the wet patch between them.
    “What the hell is this?” said Bob. He picked it up, and instantly released it with a yelp. “Bloody thing just gave me a few volts.”
    ‘Thing’ whirred into life and nuzzled over towards Barb, teasing her fingers.
    “Feels fine to me,” she said. “Hey, there’s a small screen on it. What’s this? N-H-S Flying Doctor Service. Brilliant, so she did send something after all.”
    The machine kept nudging her until she relented and lay on her belly, whereupon Thing started vibrating and easing itself along the length of her spine and back multiple times.
    “Hmmm, very nice,” said Barb, “and it’s easing my back pain too.”
    “Let me try that,” said Bob, gripping the machine. “Aahhh shit! The bloody thing tried to electrocute me.”
    Barb laughed.

    “Must be male,” she giggled. “Seems like it’s finished now. Pity I’m not. Hey, look! That screen is lighting up again. It says, Drone. No, hang on, it’s Dr. One."
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