Florentine Dreams.

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    Florentine Dreams.

    Florentine Dreams.

    I see her crossing the Ponte Vespucci
    Eight o’clock by the bell towers chime
    A moving vision against the sunset
    Discard the cigarette, order wine
    Versace dress swings on rhythm thighs
    Stepping beat of Prada shoes
    Pulled these male approving eyes
    Inviting lust, I seek to excuse
    Lovers die in the flame of beauty
    Florentine lady, bewitching, unkind
    Tip toeing through so many daydreams
    Leaving me broken, trailing behind.

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    This is really good! It's reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabelle Lee" in that it's very transportive, but with a completely different flavor. It brings about a very lively feeling and transports me to a sort of dream like place of dancing at a restaurant/bar on a lakeside in a beautiful city. We actually have a lakeside hotel and shopping center where I'm from and it reminds me of going there as a teenager and seeing all the adults dancing and flirting with each other and having fun. At the end it brings it down from an exciting dance to something a little more sorrowful, fizzling out the image of vibrant dancing like a flickering candle.

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    I liked this poem - you did your research well since it has a very Italian feel with the reference to
    Ponte Vespucci and I liked that you used an Italian sounding word;
    Versace .


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