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Thread: Book Covers

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    i largely agree with post #5.
    i can't see a second cover either.
    got rid of 6 lines of title evolution:
    -it's the THE Carpenter that may be misinterpreted by prospective readers.
    looks like your efforts are coming along nicely.

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    Well, I'm seriously into changing the title:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E&M Cover.jpg 
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    Here's the book blurb:

    Indentured as a cabin boy, sailed to the far ends of the earth, tossed overboard in a storm, washed up on an alien shore, and wakened by a savage Majican Indian. Timothy Beadle finds himself under the spell of Father Junipero Serra and sets out to explore the land called California.

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    The beach background is nice.

    The title change .... what was wrong with the original title? Are the ethnic backgrounds more important than the occupations? I like the original title better.

    The blurb ... opens with an awkward sentence. Tell me more about the story in this book and less about the back story.

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    For myself, your proposed title, The Sailor and The Carpenter, is pedestrian. A title should, at least, intrigue, make one wonder. Consider something like this: The Followers

    Your lazy beach scene cover would not inspire me to read it on the beach, either. I'd pass it by and not even read the jacket to see what it's about. If your target audience is the religious, then jar the beach with an unexpected cross jambed into the sand, at an angle; or, a cross washed up on shore like driftwood. It can be photoshopped in.

    Keep working on this.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E&M Cover2.jpg 
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    Have to figure out how to add the cross cleanly.

    Also think I need to change the color of the text.

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    The beach in post #12 is lighter and showed the words more clearly.

    Is your target audience religious?

    Keep in mind that Catholics prefer a crucifix over a simple cross. But they might be turned off by a crucifix in the sand.

    Trying to cater to a small target audience may be a mistake. The larger the target audience, the more potential sales.

    Also, too many cooks spoil the soup. Stay true to what resonates with you.

    I'm bowing out now. If you want any further opinion, send a pm.

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    Double post caused by technical problem.

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    much easier to read the tan text.
    if you are pleased with the photo and title,
    is there a reason you don't lower
    the title text and use a "sand appropriate color"?

    perhaps a crucifix necklace washed upon the beach would serve your intent(ion(s))?

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    I think the current titles are fine. The publisher's covers make no sense to me. To me, a cover not only has to be attractive (meaning that it attracts attention), it also has to be relevant to the book.

    Your replacements don't seem inspiring at all, though. For example, the first one, The Sailor and the Carpenter has neither a sailor nor a carpenter in it. The second cover has no highway. Makes no sense to me.

    Take a look at my book cover. The bulk of the story takes place at a lake cabin, so the picture is relevant to the story. The picture is also attractive. That's what I'm trying to describe.

    Look at the book covers on this site: Most of them have some relation to the content of the story. I think that's what you're trying to accomplish, but the pictures you've chosen are bland and don't even contain the main characters.

    These are online pictures of antique tools that might give you some ideas. One thing I think might be cool is to combine the two - find antique shipmaking tools. This one, for example, is particularly compelling to me.

    Pictures of sextants, or anchors might make sense. If you choose to do that, I would use tools in both images. If you have a boat in the top picture, I would have a sawhorse or something similar in the bottom one.

    Hopefully this gives you some ideas.
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