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Thread: Fighting the Flab.

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    Fighting the Flab.

    Fighting the Flab.

    Welcome, welcome one and all
    To happy times at Fatso Hall
    My name is Herbert Marcus Brewer
    Better known as Herr Sturmbannführer
    Note, all our doors are super wide
    So all can squeeze themselves inside
    Now place your bags on the wooden stand
    Where there’ll be searched for contraband
    Off with your clothes, lay them on the floor
    Don’t worry madam; I’ve seen it all before
    Now what’s this secreted in your bra?
    Oh, two meat pies and a chocolate bar
    Let me introduce Professor Quack
    The inventor of the Reducing Rack
    Where all will spend so many hours
    Loosing the flab, which it devours
    Breakfast is milk and Carrot flakes
    Lunch is juice and Carrot Bakes
    Dinner, nourishing Carrot stew
    Supper a Carrot, on Tuesdays two
    On with the shorts and running shoes
    Yes, Miss Brown we’ll find some for you
    A jolly jaunt, just ten times round
    The dead guest’s graveyard in the old compound
    What bliss is in store, what fun it will be
    To relax in the steam room at 100 degrees
    All these pleasures and not a penny to pay
    Just board and lodging at a thousand a day.

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    Now that made me laugh...but, seriously - write a serious one and set in the here and now. I am in that place, trying to get carefully through each day without going crazy

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    This one was great to read as having an overly peppy salesman's voice.

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    I've been so preoccupied lately that I almost missed this! I'm glad I've caught it now - we need more humour like this! Thanks for the giggle, John, Oh, and great poetry too!
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    Very funny! I think I know Professor Quack...


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