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Thread: In the Woods (Chapter 6)

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    In the Woods (Chapter 6)

    Chapter 6 (exercise)

    Jeremiah and April were in a car speeding down the night's road, with their words lost in a cloud of exhaisting fear. Unlike April, Jeremiah knew well what Jonnie might expect in the ''pack's territory'', as people called the area around the shop where good people's emotions were being devoured. In fact, Jeremiah knew more: he knew the pack's leader, Jared.

    The exhaustion took its toll on Jeremiah. He bagan to wander about Jared and himself; the old memories came to the surface.

    Jared was supposed to be a kid deprived of parents' tenderness, love, and care. As a baby, they left him for dead. By the garbage disposal. Near the shop. The previous shop owner could not stand the thoroughgoing shame. After the incident, he left the shop for good and moved to another place.

    It was then, about fifteen years ago, that faith took the leash in her hands. Jeremiah, struck by the same faith, offered to adopt the boy. So he did.

    Jared was being introduced to the secrets of Jeremiah's trade. In time, Jared grew up into a young man who loved to hunt. He had all that would make a great hunter: the speed of the bear, the sharpness of eye of the eagle and the persistent spirit of the beaver.
    Jeremiah loved that kid.

    Jared was growing up as fast as the sapling he and Jeremiah planted one day. Yes, Jeremiah's love for the kid grew with time.

    Until one day on which they went out to hunt in the deep woods, when it all stopped, when the souls of the both were completetely lost in hunting.

    In spite of Jeremiah's caring instruction not to have anything to do with a female bear in spring, Jared had chosen not to follow that simplest of instructions.
    As soon as his trained eyes spotted a she-bear in the bush, he took the rifle in his firm and secure hands, his brain calculated the possibilities of aiming, and the gun's shot interrupted the woods tranquil nature. The she-bear was shot. However, as she was on the move, looking for her cubs, she stumbled on a branch on the ground, and the bullet found its place in her rib, just underneath her heart. The shot was useless and the she-bear was enraged.

    Then, the enraged, wounded animal scented an unfamiliar odour of someone who must have wanted to harm her cubs and her. The wind changed, and she suddenly scented Jeremiah. He was a hundred yards away from the cubs and the mother. Jeremiah breathed a sigh of compassioned tension; he had to aim. What happened now was to decide the future of Jared. A single aim and shot.

    The she-bear spotted the broken foliage around Jeremiah, spotted him as well, and went for him.

    Jeremiah aimed and shot, bullseye. Straight into the bear's head. A shot from about fifty yards.
    The cubs were crying for their mother.

    After all the hustle was over, Jeremiah just trew the rifle on the dead bear and headed for the place where Jared waited.

    ''How could you do that?!'' yelled Jeremiah at Jared. He used his hand and pulled Jared's head towards him by yanking his back of the head.

    ''What kind of a hunter could do that?'' smirked Jared in a dull forgetfulness of all what Jeremiah taught Jared. ''I wanted to shot the bear! What's it to you?'' Jared spoke through his teath.

    ''Never do that again.'' answered Jeremiah.

    That night, something in Jeremiah snapped. His complete mind was in a whirl. He began to think about Jared in a more serious way: Jared's hunting castle of glass cracked.

    'Who was this boy? Could I have done more for him? Who on earth were his parents?' Jeremiah's hunting mind piled questions, deep in the sharpening silence of the night.

    Finally, Jeremiah fell asleep. He dreamt bad dreams: the lonely cubs and their wounded, still living mother...
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