The Prankster of the Carribean (Flash Fiction) (257 words)

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Thread: The Prankster of the Carribean (Flash Fiction) (257 words)

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    The Prankster of the Carribean (Flash Fiction) (257 words)

    The Prankster of the Carribean
    By Yonathan Asefaw

    Alfonso came over to visit his friends house in the Carribean known as one as Dominican Republic. Alfonso was looking forward to meeting his friend Alexander. Though he has no idea what is going to happen to him once getting into his place.

    “Hey amigo!” said Alfonso.

    A conversation erupted in the midst of him sitting down to speak with Alexander. Not knowing that he was sitting on chair with a mechanism to spring from his seat and from there he would be officially pranked for the first time in his life. He wouldn’t see it coming, that is what Alexander thought first hand.

    “Alfonso, do you ever wish that this chair could move somehow?”

    “Why?” he asked raising a brow.

    “Let me get you a drink.” said Alexander.

    “Your acting a little funny, what’s up?” he asked looking around the room all suspicious.

    “Wait, let me get you that drink,”

    “I don’t want a drink.”

    “Ssh!” he held his finger to his mouth.


    All was quiet in the living room of his bungalow house, the commence of a joke was going to start soon.

    “How have you been-” asked Alfonso.

    The chair started to move and a spring came knocking him from his seat.

    “GOTTTTCCCCCHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!” said Alexander.


    Adding. “Hola, puta madre, what the fu-”

    “Amigo, its alright, you’ve been pranked.”

    “OH! HAHAHAAHH!” he said.

    He obviously didn’t find that very amusing but continued to enjoy the day.

    Not really, but he thought.

    “What was that for? How do I handle a situation like this?”

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    This is brilliant, offbeat humor.

    The first sentence is a little shaky, "as one" should be deleted. The ending is strong, me gusta mucho.

    Well done!


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