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    The focus can certainly be on "newcomers", however you want to define the term. But reality is that everybody of any skill level has something to glean from participating in the PiP, and novices will be fortunate to have an even greater learning opportunity by being alongside those whom are more experienced.

    As far as it being a safe space, I don't even think it's necessary to put cushions on the walls. In my experience it's always been constructive (thanks to the judges doing their job properly); I guess if you feel it's really necessary one can put a disclaimer at the top of each thread saying something to the effect of "submitting to the challenge is taken as granted permission for the judges to critique your work. Arguments over aforementioned critique will not be tolerated. Questions are absolutely more than welcome, even encouraged. This is more about learning and less about winning."

    Maybe I don't pay enough attention. I haven't seen any problems regarding this. The poets don't need a safe space, and the judges don't need one. Ensure the critique is constructive, and corrective measures will be taken if somebody gets a big ego.

    Look forward to seeing the revamped PiP! All of you do a wonderful job.


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    Guys, what's happening with the Pip challenge?

    Are you going to change it, or keep it as it is but focus on making more members interested in poetry aware of the challenge? The clock is ticking and August is almost upon us.
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    Pippers, I will be taking over the role of the Pip challenge hostess until further notice. As the proposed changes have not been agreed I am going to continue with the tried and tested rules of the existing Pip Challenge (with a couple of minor tweaks to deadlines).

    The poets submit their entries to the challenge thread by 10th of the month. Comments and feedback and first set of scores will be posted by the judges to the Young Poets Judging Centre by the 17th.

    The poets then have 7 days to revise their poem as per the judges suggestions and post to the challenge thread. The judges will post their revised scores to the Young Poets Judging centre by the end of the month. The deadlines have been changed to give our judges a little more time.
    A reminder...

    The Poets-in-Progress challenge is about improvement and is for every skill level. Judges' critique and feedback is designed to give the poet the tools needed to hone their skills and improve their work.

    The Poets-in-Progress Challenge is scored with points possible out of the following categories:

    Title- 5 points
    Message- 15 points
    Mood- 15 points
    Imagery- 15 points
    Mastery of Technique/Form- 25 points
    Movement- 10 points
    Spelling and Grammar- 15 points

    Total score- 100 points

    For more information about the way the challenge is judged please see the judging guide.

    The winner of the Poets-in-Progress challenge will be the poet with the most IMPROVED poem.

    Winners of the Poets-in-Progress challenge will receive a month's FoWF subscription and automatic qualification in the Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge.

    I will announce the next challenge prompt on 1st August.
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    Would there be limits to how many you can do ?

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