Let's Get up and Running! WWIII RPG

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Thread: Let's Get up and Running! WWIII RPG

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    Let's Get up and Running! WWIII RPG

    It wasn't always this way. It wasn't always necessary. Until the government began to fall apart. Until the U.S. made enemies of its former allies. Until World War 3 broke out. The children are trained militants- they're skilled killers. The teenagers are the most deadly-- a hint of rebellion mixed with a dash of youth creates the perfect soldier...

    Anyone interested in this RPG?

    Player Name: (Your username)
    Character Name: (Name of your character)
    Code Name: (Name used for character in war zone)
    Specialization: (What your character does best/ their role. i.e. Sniper, hand-hand combat specialist, demolitions, ect)
    Quirks: (Defining feature, maybe challenges authority? hates birds?)
    Physical Description: (what your character looks like, this can include mode of dress if they wear something specific)
    Psyche Profile: (a general assessment of your characters personality, third person)
    History: (An overview of your characters history, including major life events)
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    Still alive?

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    Am interested. More details?


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