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    Creative Me

    “There is no greater agony
    than bearing an untold story inside you.“

    Maya Angelou

    The morning starts with the obligatory cup of coffee, dark chocolate and the perfect melody of Rhapsody in Blue… Ah, those wonderful moments, when you are surrounded by treats, looking intently at the blank page. Writing is much like giving birth…Coffee helps. Collaboration helps, that’s why I am actively seeking for adherents, because teamwork somehow boosts my sense of humor, and it is legendary. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for: that reliable, positive person who will be deeply involved in playing with me. That person with whom we will start a game, which will be an addiction, an indulgement, an obsession, and we will be joining efforts together every minute of every day to eventually see our story comes to life...Well, dedicated literary partners are as hard to find as in-love material.

    Besides blogging, I am working on several books… and the heap is getting bigger every month, but I simply have trouble finishing them, because I get a little disappointed around the middle. Why? Because of all the things in the world I can’t create conflict. Having a rather harmonious personality, I can’t “kill my darlings” as Steven King proposes as a writing approach. In normal books, people climb the hill and stand there and sing: “Hooray!” Well, my characters are sitting on the top of the hill and crying from joy “Hooray!” the entire time, nothing bad ever happens to them…besides my scenes are like…the main character and ally boiling eggs together…

    But then I am talented and prolific. I do not want to boast, but I am in the point of my life when talent is about to bump into experience, and something beautiful will spring out.

    This is why I need a dashing writing buddy. Or several of them. I have created and populated this imaginary world, a beautiful magickal planet, with Enchanted Forests, Golden Rivers and Houses made of mushrooms, princesses and kings, and royals and their desires, and Gods and Goddesses, and elves, and dwarves, and fairies, and witches, and wizards, and for that matter unicorns, and fairy tale folk. Shapeshifters, magick wands, and sorceresses are welcome, as well as pendants and bracelets of different powers, and swords with names…oh!

    And I want to write romance-vanilla stories which take place there.

    I am painfully creative. I need help!
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    Welcome! When you become a full member (after ten posts) you can reap the benefits and choose to post some of your work up for comments and critiques.

    Until then, enjoy reading!

    Carpe Diem.

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    Hi LadyF and welcome to WF! You'll find us a creative and supportive community so pull up a chair and make yourself at home. I am sure you will find some experienced write buddies here to help you along your creative path.

    Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Hello and welcome to WF to start,

    You sound like you have quite the world created there and as you have said you need some strife in the world to make it more realistic. I would suggest checking out the collaborative boards to see if you can find someone there that is willing to write with you. However I know that some members would be a bit shy to do collab work with such a new member to the site. So why not have a look at the other forums that we offer as well and post some critiques up. Once you have reached ten valid posts then more of the forum will open up and you can always swing by the groups to see if any there take your fancy as help can come in many ways, such as imagination.

    Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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    Golden rivers and unicorn folk just looking for a black shadow, hm? I'm intrigued. My main character has a sword she will name 'Glamouring' though I - she - will have to somehow smooth over the obvious Tolkein connection (perhaps she will subtly Easter-eggify it). In my world the fairies are slum-girls, the demons ride triceratops to war, and the harpies have all had their wings ripped off (though it doesn't make them any less beautiful). So definitely post up something in collaboration and I'll take a look, if that's okay?

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    Thanks to all. who welcomed me here! I would love to connect to all of you personally, as I am so fond of writers!

    Now I added this picture and I am not sure how it goes away... but this is the way my books start.

    Does anyone have an idea how can I best contribute to this forum?
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    Hi LadyF,

    You can contribute to the forum in many ways. For example we are always looking for judges for our monthly writing challenges (Literary Maneuvers and Colours of Fiction) offer critique on works that have not received any feedback. Harper usually makes a weekly post to The Members You Might Have Missed thread. Or just relax in the Lounge.

    If you have any Publishing or Marketing experience we could use expertise on these boards

    Did you know you can now include a link to your website or your book on Amazon etc, in your signature?
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