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Thread: Come one, come all!

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    Come one, come all!

    The voting poll for this month's Poetry Challenge, "Choices", is up and running and awaiting your responses. There is no need for one to be a poet to participate, all voters are welcome! Even if you know little about poetry, all we ask is that you read all of the entries, and if you are moved for any reason(s) by any poem(s) please cast a vote for them.

    Please read the opening post of the polling thread prior to casting any votes.

    The poll officially closes on May 25th at 7pm EST at which time the results will be publicly revealed.

    Your participation will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your lovely eyes, guys! And happy voting!

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    Where is everyone? There's a little less than seven hours remaining to vote. C'mon guys!

    Should I now report myself for self-bumping, or will a "Bad Lisa" suffice?

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    *sees no bad lisa*
    *points to voting thread*
    *offers popcorn*


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