Dreamers Cafe
By Yonathan Asefaw

“Start already, write!” went Sarajevo.

“Been here for awhile!” added Alexis.

The group sat there in the cafe with their pens and paper at the place with some miracle of food as they were famished when getting to Dreamers Cafe. Some say it opened without the slightest knowledge for the people of the city. Teenage city. They were suddenly invited to come inside as they were bored out of their minds, but without a cause for their endeavors they were concerned to head here to get away from their guardians.

Each sat on the table on opposite side, the three had appealing tastes on what they were going to think and dream of when they write. Tapping and clapping began from Alessia when she started chanting something a little obscene.

“Me me, a me me, me little me me me!” she went.

“Odd.” said one lady at the cafe.

“You invited us!” yelled Sarajevo.

“We just opened, it’s our grand opening here in teenage city, we needed customers for our first taste of our new prestigious cafe.”

“So?” replied Sarajevo.


“Food Lady! Our food?” he exclaimed.

Riley started writing and putting his blue collar pen to work and made a dream come to life, but was abrupt-ed when the loud noises from the outside open window and patio’s were of an accident when a man who wasn’t from town bruised his back and started wailing from across the street.

“AGGHHHHHHHAGA!!!!!” he yelled.

“Keep it down.” went Riley as he wrote.

“Lets dream now.” he added.


A spaceship ride through Saturn was starting and their heads were caught in a lucid state the cafe started to dim their lights and the windows become shut. They started flying all across the moon, Saturn and every part of the galaxy. Now one must add to the dream and it was Sarajevo’s turn to start the second wave of the lucid answer.

“Take me to Atlantis!” he said.

The man appeared from the across the street but asked something this time.


“What?” Questioned Sarajevo.

“I am your dreamers cafe.” he replied.


There was a disturbance in the air that the three teens were around a swirling ball of nightmares that haunted around the playthings of their dreams but this cafe itself was a trap or what could this place be about? They couldn’t find out right now as the restaurant was heading into a frenzy of hallucinations. The windows were shut again but the old man slid inside and started howling at them as each were back in a lucid state. Laughing, sticking his tongue out like the devil around the square table that the three were sitting.

“You three ran from your parents correct?” he said.

“Each of you three are bored out of your minds correct?”

He made one last circle around the teenagers.

“What will I do with you young-ins” he said making a snicker.

“Excuse me? There’s a lucid dream in process!”

The bruised man threw the lady to the wall with his psychic ability, sending her knocked unconscious for a time being when he was about to do something maleficent to them. Trapping them into their own heads to let them stay there so they’d never have to go back their parents or be living a life of boredom ever again.

“This is for leaving me behind in school, I’m a kid at heart you know! sixty years old!”

“They’re only kids!” stammered the owner of the cafe.

“Your pie-hole shut it!” exclaimed the old man.

“What do you think your doing?” asked the lady yet stuttering.

The man asked them deeply of these questions that these kids ever thought they should have said when arriving here.

“What did you think this cafe was for?”