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Thread: Killer Queen for 4 Violins!

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    Thumbs up Killer Queen for 4 Violins!

    Here's an arrangement for 4 violins of one of my favorite Queen songs.

    How do you get a musician off your front porch?

    Pay for the pizza.

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    It's pretty dang good. My only suggestion is to get some sound proof foam and sound proof a room. So there isn't so much "clutter" in the feedback. The room you play in doesn't look (heck maybe it is) very "sound efficient" with the brick and other items in the room. You can buy a pack of 12 for like 20-30 bucks online. Just a tip on maybe improving the quality of the sound. Other than that, it was a great performance.
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    Thanks. It was recorded before my current mic and was edited as 4 tracks together instead of editing each track and then mixing. This one is better. Not perfect, but better

    How do you get a musician off your front porch?

    Pay for the pizza.

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    I really enjoyed your Killer Queen rendition! Very nicely done! : D
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    Wow... I'd never even thought of that in combination with queen.. at all. It works wonderfully though. I applaud you, sir!

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