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    Thank you all for the replies. The item in question isn't actually Hitler's watch, but it is associated with him in some way. It is a McGuffin in a way because it only serves to move the plot forward and no other real significance. Unlike the Rabbit's Foot or Marcellus Wallace's briefcase, the item is identified. The item (a ring actually) belongs to a very bad man, and the protagonist steals it without knowing it belongs to him. The fact that it belonged to Hitler only makes it valuable and nothing else.

    On a side note, I've been thinking a lot about this story and I am thinking of making some drastic changes, the first being changing the entire thing to first-person. I prefer the mystery of the protagonist (and the reader) not knowing who is after him. I think in this case it makes for better drama. Luckily, I've only written eight chapters and not 80k words.

    Okay, I can't hold it in any longer. It's the wedding ring he gave to Eva Braun in the bunker. I've looked around, and I'm pretty sure no such ring exists. Whew, glad to have that off my chest lol
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    If it has the ring of truth, you can make up anything you like. My wife had a cousin who, when we were driving through Scotland who, if she had figured out that nobody in the car knew which mountain we were looking at, would just say "That, that's Ben Leddie," or some other Gaelic sounding name. The penny finally dropped when caught on the hop, she named a snow-capped mountain "Ben Hur..."
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    Hey violinguy,

    That ring sounds like a cool idea! I say go for it. It's not offensive and you can make something very interesting and catching with it.

    Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up! Hopefully your project is coming along nicely.
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    There is a precedent for "made up" or at lease mythical type stuff in movies and in novels from Indian Jones, National Treasure, Dirk Pitt novels, King Solomon's Mines (novel), Dan Brown! Considering the genre, I see no issue to make something up.

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    Yes, the ring has possibilities, especially if you can incorporate some background research into the real relationship between the couple, revealing something of the man behind the monstrous image. There are many facets to any person's character. For example, in the Bond films it was evident to any cat lover that Blofeld's cat was genuinely contented in his company. Was Blofeld genuinely affectionate to it though, or was he just very good at understanding any creature's needs and manipulating them to his own ends? Equally, was Hitler a romantic man? Season your story with this type of thing, even if it only appears as conjecture, and it will give it added depth.
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