As a second language learner, this may be somewhat difficult. BUT, if you want to be successful you'll have to master it. And that isn't to pick on you - it's the same for everyone. Me, you, and anyone who wants to be a successful author.

There are a couple things in your opening lines that require attention.

"It was late and I was passing through a short cut. It traveled into the forest, and lead me to my mother’s house."

This is passive. Passive versus active writing is a technical issue. You obviously know your grammar so will probably understand this better than most native speakers who have to just "get it". The issue is that passive writing puts a layer of distance between the author and the reader. That makes the reader view the action from the outside. It's like watching someone through a window while they eat dinner versus sitting at the table and eating your own dinner.
Readers will quickly become bored and put your book down.

Re cast your writing into active voice. For example: "Late in the evening I took a short cut through the forest to my mother's house."

Here the change from "was passing" to "took" puts the story teller and therefore the reader into the action.

So, first step, go to your grammar and structure books to fully understand the difference between passive and active writing. Then go through your manuscript and to a complete edit pass to write out all of the passive sentences that you can.

I understand this is a LOT of work. Yes, and that is just what it will take.

Next issue. If this is the opening scene of your book you will need to spend a lot of time on the opening lines. There isn't anything specifically wrong with what you say here except it is not intriguing. The opening line is the single most important sentence in your book. From there the rest of the opening paragraph is the most important paragraph as they are what either intrigue the reader or send the message they will be bored. Please don't think I am being harsh or mean when I say these opening lines do not in any way catch me up. They read like a person who is reporting an incident. It is telling not showing. I suggest you study posts, podcasts, and even a few books, on the art of showing not telling.

There is a place for both showing and telling - both have great uses. Most people find that showing in the opening paragraphs to be most successful for hooking the reader.

Best of luck with your effort - and be very proud of writing in a second language!