uncertanty princpled{kunox question thread}

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Thread: uncertanty princpled{kunox question thread}

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    uncertanty princpled{kunox question thread}

    I have come to a point in my novel were the only way to invoke the rest if it is to use canon from it's sequel. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. no literally. should I do that and turn it into one book and if so where should it go in the series. the only [problem I have with that is the from chapter five up seems like a different story. so looking for a god solution...

    P.s. 'll be keeping my questions to this thread for now.. maybe I need to give it some time and comeback to it latter.

    truly dual/tri{is about cheating the fates}
    Truly 4th end of fates {is about cheating the anti-fates}
    truly 0 saga about what started the conflict.
    Next one should be about cheating ether god or the devil of truly.
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    It seems like they are connected by a theme... maybe write a stand alone series? It has been done, were all the books take place in the same world/time and are ruled by the same rules but are different story arcs.

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    q2..... how do you pick up an old project.. I need to finish duis but It's been a while. would I just need to rewrite it from the beginning. if so how would I not need to do that.

    p.s. I just needto be reminded why rewriting is important.
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    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    Er... I tend to just read through what I have written, pick up the pacing again, remind myself of what has happened....

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    I tried that with duis and Mg indie.. but It didn't work out. I would really like to finish those stories as well.
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.


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