If you are using a mobile device, these instructions will not be helpful unless you use the full site version of the forum in your mobile web browser. However, if you are on a computer, these instructions will work.

  1. Post your first poem in the NaPoWriMo Workshop. The NaPoWriMo Workshop is a special place for NaPoWriMo poetry that is protected from the prying eyes of search engines and other non-members. It is also exempt from the flooding rules that govern the rest of the forum. You can post as many poems as you like in a 24-hour period in the NaPoWriMo Workshop. Click where it says NaPoWriMo Workshop above and find the button that says:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click on it and fill out the form with your title and poem. If you're copy/pasting from Word--beware. That is its own quagmire and there is a thread about it here. When you are finished, click the button that says:

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    You now have a poem in NaPoWriMo. Congratulations. You will see a post and at the top will be a little bar, probably blue-green but the exact shade will vary depending on which forum style you are using. On the left will be the time and on the right, a #1 in white. Something like this:

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    That #1 is a link. Right-click it and it will give you the option to (depending on your browser) Copy Link Address or Copy Link Location or something similar. You want to do that to put it in your clipboard so you can use it in step 2. It won't work on my image here -- it has to be your actual post.
  2. Create a thread for your NaPoWriMo poetry in the main NaPoWriMo board. Click on the link to the left and do the same Post New Thread stuff you did only this time, give it the name of your links post as the title and for the body, put the name (and optionally the date and/or number) of the poem you just posted.

    In the editor is a row of buttons. One of them is a link button. Use your mouse to highlight the name of your poem. then click this button:

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    That will open a dialog box that looks like this:

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    Put your cursor on the blue-highlighted box and right-click and choose Paste. This will paste the link from the white #1 you saved to the clipboard in step 1. Click Okay. Now click the Submit New Thread button.
  3. You've done it. You have a NaPoWriMo thread