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    Haha, I was not familiar with that anecdote. But thanks for sharing it! One can probably learn more from enemies than allies in most cases.

    As for whether or not the outcome of the war could've been changed, I'd say Nazi Germany simply bit off more than they could chew.

    George Orwell said in his war-time diary, "One could not have a better example of the moral and emotional shallowness of our time, than the fact that we are now all more or less pro Stalin."

    My point being that I still find it absurd the allies joined forced with the Soviet Union. There's plenty of evidence to suggest there was a lot of regret about that decision. Not so much regret in the sense of "we should've sided with the Nazis" (although Patton had something to say about that), but in the sense that they both should've been dealt with.

    Back on-topic; I'm convinced that the downfall of Nazi Germany was due to strategic blunders, and also the fact that the United States had to provoke Japan so that they could get the isolationist populace to go to war. Regarding the former, you have Dunkirk which could've wiped out Britain's military for the rest of the war, completely altering the course of the African campaign and the Normandy Invasion-- assuming D-Day still occurred. Not only that, but it would've freed up a majority of the western front, meaning more manpower and resources could be supplied to the invasion of Russia.

    The invasion of Russia had its own mindblowing mistakes, Stalingrad being the most obvious. Unfortunately I forgot who said it, but one of the high military strategists for the Nazis decided that hundreds of thousands of troops being encircled at Stalingrad wasn't a big deal because "they could be supplied from the air". What an idiot.

    At the end of the day, I've always strongly believed that the most realistic, best case scenario for Nazi Germany would've been making a peace deal around the time when they had conquered a lot of territory. In the long run though they would've faced the same problem the United States still faces fucking SEVENTY YEARS after the war, which is having a war-time economy. And I highly doubt they would've let Russia off the hook, since Bolshevism was a primary catalyst for the war, more so than Jewish extermination.

    Of course, there's always the question of how Nazi Germany could've hoped to maintain order over such a vast landmass. I suppose the easiest way to achieve that would've been to make a few more friends, or at least maintain peace between a few other countries, allowing them to maintain "autonomy" so long as they did not side against Nazi Germany.
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