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Thread: Post your age!

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    looks like the 1956-1966 decade is currently the forerunner
    in the banner trailing parade.
    *puts on ANOTHER scarf*
    *and a boa, just 'cuz*

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    Hm, seems to be a nice mixture, although most are leaning towards the older years. No wonder I find this place to have mature people. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiashe View Post
    Hm, seems to be a nice mixture, although most are leaning towards the older years. No wonder I find this place to have mature people. xD
    You may have misinterpreted our strategy. Appearing to be mature in one's middle years establishes a secure position in society. One can then act immaturely in later life and it is just regarded as an idiosyncrasy founded on deeper wisdom through experience. No, actually we're just being immature, plain and simple.

    I recollect a Greek play that we performed at school a lifetime past. In it some fraudsters contemplated dressing all in green to give unsuspecting villagers the impression that they were gods come down from the mountains, but their leader told them that they would just be seen as men dressed as gods if they did that. Instead he told them to wear green under their normal clothes so that the villagers thought that they were gods dressed as men. It's an ancient piece of philosophy that still works apparently. The greatest deception is for a fool to act like a fool.
    'Sharing an experience creates a reality.' Create a new reality today.
    'There has to be some give and take.' If I can take my time I'm willing to give it.
    'The most difficult criticism that a writer has to comprehend is silence.' So speak up.

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    Mmmmm what age should I say
    when I was born and trips around the sun till now. Inappropriate. Perhaps the inability to grow up leaving me easily distracted and with poor impulse control when it comes to buying toys. Shows my youth
    i wear slip ons because tying my shoe laces has never really sat well. A point of anxiety best removed from your day. My inner child is on the outside too

    when I grow up and get big I'm going to be a ............... oh dear not old enough to even start a list of wannabes here

    lets settle for too old to die young and bad enough to have missed being taken early too

    Not so old as to think there is still a good song or two in an old fiddle. Still young enough to want a good fiddle if closely followed by a cup of tea and lie down

    Warning violistic metaphors of a potential sexual nature. Note to self too old to see metaphor in timely manner

    oh dear, oh yes, so old that potential sexual activity can lead immediately to a cup of tea and a lie down

    PS violistic got by spell checker so maybe it's a real word and I'm old enough not to care if it's not
    We are the measure of all things. And the beauty of our creation, of our art is proportional to the beauty of ourselves of our souls. Jonas Mekas

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeC View Post
    Judging by my own maturity rate I wouldn't trust anyone under seventy [You're an exception Kev]
    Je suis Charlie.

    "My ambition is handicapped with laziness." - Charles Bukowski
    "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” but “That’s funny…” - Isaac Asimov
    "Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing
    "Physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an attempt by an atom to understand itself.” - Michio Kaku
    "No fighting in the War room!" - Dr. Strangelove
    "I'm friends with the mustard that's under my bed" - The Internet

    In memory of Pandora, a beautiful butterfly spreading its wings above the Earth's realm...

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    I turned 27 in January.

    I'll catch up to you all, eventually. HAH!

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    NEVER! I am ageless! :p lmao

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    59! Where did the years go?
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    I turned 21 on monday.
    Need advice? Or just some cheering up? PM.
    Or bug me on Skype. Any time I'm online.

    'I prefer to exist as a duality. Living alone is boring.'
    Crowley Karterson Jarvis

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    Is 73 old enough to know better?
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