Making a Necessary Scene More Interesting to Write

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Thread: Making a Necessary Scene More Interesting to Write

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    Making a Necessary Scene More Interesting to Write

    I had to rewrite the current chapter of my WIP at least a few times. It is where the main character finds out what she needs to do to achieve her goal. However, I am having trouble executing this information in an interesting way. It ends up like a meeting with a lot of dialogue.
    For my last project, I had something bad happen to the MC's mentor and she had to find out her goal's process later. The mentor wrote her a note.
    I wanted to keep this from being to similar to the previous story. Of course, there will be several readers and editors who will read this third installment for the first time. But the thing is, though, that my character's goal is different and more involved.
    If this scene were not necessary, I would remove it. Now I'm not asking anyone to tell me what to write, but maybe some ideas of how they make their necessary scenes more interesting.
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    Some options:

    — Put the scene in an interesting setting. Make the environment a page-turner.

    — Have the dialogue take place during an interesting activity. A discussion between two characters sitting around a table can be livened up by having them do something at the same time, instead. Like sword-fighting.

    — Have the dialogue filled with conflict. Arguments and tensions are almost always more engaging than agreeable conversations.

    — Make this new information something that the main character doesn't want (or doesn't like). Setbacks keep readers invested.

    — Make this new information incomplete. Something interrupts the mentor and the main character only gets part of the puzzle.

    Just a few things that might be worth a try. Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunaynaprasad View Post
    maybe some ideas of how they make their necessary scenes more interesting.
    All scenes are necessary, and drive the plot, so your calling a given scene necessary doesn't track.

    I went looking for a sample of your writing, to see where you stand, and found nothing newer than 2012. And without that it's impossible to pinpoint problems in the writing today and recommend ways to make it more interesting. Based on what I saw, though, my recommendation, then, would have been do dig into fiction writing technique to learn how to present a strong character viewpoint. So if you haven't done that, and are still using the same approach to presenting the narrative, the problem is that you can't make a scene more interesting till you have a better understanding of what a scene is, and how it differs from one in film and stage.

    In general, the scene is interesting if the writing is, in and of itself, entertaining. Talk to the reader about the story and you've written a report or a chronicle—nonfiction, in other words.

    Place your reader into the persona of the protagonist, and then keep them so busy trying to keep ahead of the situation that they have no time to be bored. Make use of all the senses. Be certain the protagonist is in over their head and trying to straighten things out. Be a bastard and toss terrible problems at the protagonist: Set the place on fire. Drop a body through the ceiling. Make it fun for the reader. and never, never, never let your characters turn into talking heads. Never.

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    Perhaps only provide the character and/or the reader with some detail of what she needs to do. Leave some information out for now and have her and/or the reader discover the information later in the story. Examine how much detail your providing and see whether some things would be better left unsaid and shown when she needs to accomplish them. You can also continue to write your novel and discover what you would like to be a surprise for the reader and then go back and remove the information from the previous chapter.
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    Great ideas. Thanks.
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    I've definitely been in this boat once or twice As Kyle R said, really going to town on the scenery is a preferred option for me. I also like to show character too, to properly round out my guys. I have a scene in my WIP where my characters are in place for the denouement but there's not much else to give them so what do they do? They have a tension zeroing beach party of course. The MC gets, uh, intimate with an old friend which gives me a second to explore themes of fidelity. A couple of loose ends are tied up as they chill round the fire. I have time to showcase a few writing chops so I do that in all the above. Food for thought?

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