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Thread: To Lie, To Lay, To Lie

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    Well done jenthepen for your contribution to the accurate use of the English language. I have started a word club with various friends and acquaintances collecting the misuse and mispronunciation of words(excluding cultural differences, although this irritates me)) It is called the Pedants' Revolt , which for those of you not familiar with British history is a pun on the Peasants' Revolt, which took place, I think, in the 15th Century.

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    Thanks, nelen. I'm glad I passed muster with this one.
    I write myself reminders like this poem to keep myself on track. I'm not so much a pedant revolting, more like a revolting peasant trying to write proper.
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    Good wordplay and a cheeky little poem. Nice work.
    Carpe Diem.

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    Enjoyed the light hearted ease with which the poem is written not straining too much to be overly serious. Although, I feel the poem has potential to be progressed further by extending the narrative but I appreciate the fact this poem isn't the most serious piece and is really just a 'bit of fun'.

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