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Thread: Does anyone have any prospective planet name suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James 剣 斧 血 View Post
    I wasn't suggesting Pluto wasn't a Roman god, I was trying to make a funny based on the arguments people have over whether Pluto is a planet or not...
    Sorry James. It's a little on the early side for me. Not quite firing on all cylinders yet.

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    I always liked the Greek names better. Hades for Pluto, Ares for Mars, etc. You could even use Apollo for the Sun and Gaia for Earth. Anyway, you could think about naming the planets after the Greeks.
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    Depends on who's naming it.

    Native species: Quarlan
    Intergalactic conqueror: Qxzeroth Tharn
    Distant astronomers: Andro-Delta 2332-S
    Ambitious astronaut: Newton
    Devout monks: Epsylis
    Highly intelligent alien: New Eden
    Space tourism: Belfesnia
    World order government: Totalitar
    Neanderthal tribe: Tabok
    Military outpost: Fidelis
    Refugees from another planet: Fellswar

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