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    Royce watched the two men, a gut feeling told him that they were up to no good, or at least something questionable. Not wanting to be around when whatever they were up to happened he started to stand to leave. He had enough problems of his own, he had no money, his father had probably tracked him down to this city already, apparently "no" didn't feature high in his father vocab and it seemed quite possible that he would need to rob another bank. Which would be difficult as he more than suspected that the "Ninja Bank Robber" from the News was him.

    Just then there was movement below -

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    The two men soon disappeared around a corner, just a few blocks north of the subway.

    Soon afterward a new face came lurking about. It was a woman, tall and thin. She held a small device up to her face and spoke quietly into it as her eyes exploring the area. Just then she looked up, connecting eyes with Royce.

    Her eyebrows jumped and the the recording device sagged in distraction. Shock and curiosity shone on her face as she stared.
    Without temptation there can be no choice. Without a fall there can be no mercy.

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    Royce looked at the women and the women looked at him, neither quite knowing what to do now. With a exasperated sigh Royce turned and vanished into the darkness of the chimney stacks that lurked on the roof, still and silent now that the apartments below were empty. There was a shout from below but he ignored it.

    With Assassin Creed like moves Royce quickly traversed over the roof, down the rusted and broken fire escape and tried to casually walk out onto the street. But to little to late, a big black car rolled up. With a rather rude expletive Royce turned and fled. He didn't get far before the tranq dart thumped into his left ass cheek. The world went all squiggly like and then nothing.

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    (They got him in the booty!)

    Cyra hummed to herself in the silence of the room. Her boredom increased with every moment as she waited for the prize to awaken.

    She stared at the hairy head of the prisoner and mischievous thoughts tugged at the corners of her mouth. Would he be angry? Scared? Sarcastic?

    Nothing. Silence. Impatience welled up in her and she snapped the bubblegum in her mouth, letting the tune of her hum increase a few notches.
    Without temptation there can be no choice. Without a fall there can be no mercy.

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    The world returned to Royce with and angry snap. His head felt dreadful, and something has definitely died in his mouth. With a disgusted sound he rolled over and carefully opened his eyes to see a women sitting next to him. It was the women from the alley. With an oumph he sat up and eyed the open window behind her, "So CIA or my father?" he asked,

    "What?" He left off eyeing the window and turned back to her,

    "Do you work for the CIA or my father? Those are the only two kinds of people that I know of that carry Tranq guns on an everyday, just in case bases."

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    A surge of excitement bolted through Cyra when Royce moved. Finally. She grinned.

    When Royce's eyes moved to the open window she tilted her head enough to block his direct view. At least he was attempting conversation before trying to bolt.

    "You're daddy sure does want you back something fierce." She bopped his nose, "I can see why."
    Without temptation there can be no choice. Without a fall there can be no mercy.

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    Royce wrinkled up his nose and rubbed the tickle away with the back of his hand. "I guess I am caught then... oh dear, oh lackaday; OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!" he pointed out of the window and when Cyra turned to look he was off the bed, across the room and out the door before she could even let out a squawk of surprise.

    Not bothering with the stairs Royce jumped over the banister, rolled to his feet and made a dash for a door, his hand out reached for the handle, if he managed to get out he would be able to vanish in the morning crowd...

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    Cyra raised a brow when Royce pointed at the window, keeping amused eyes on him the entire time as he made a run for it. But she stayed put, not attempting a chase.

    Moments before Royce's hand could connect with the door handle and freedom be his, it opened. Meeting him straight in the face, it rammed him back. The person responsible was no friendly face. He grabbed Royce, shoving him up against the wall with arms pinned behind in police fashion.

    The man spoke in a low voice, "You got a pair of lungs on you, don't you? I heard you shouting from outside. Might not want to announce the grand escape next time."

    "Darling, I would stand down unless you want another one of these in your rear." Cyra said from the banister above. In her hands was another trank gun aimed straight at Royce. "And next time I won't be so nice as to leave you untied when you wake."
    Without temptation there can be no choice. Without a fall there can be no mercy.

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    (sorry this took so long, been super busy. Also sorry for the not brilliant fight scene - NOT something I write... ever... actually first attempt ever so. sorry edit cause some of my post vanished )

    With a glare Royce relaxed and didn't put up a fight as he was pulled up the stairs again, after all, besides another lecture, there wasn't any reason to fear returning to his father. "Well I guess I have lost this one... running away wasn't really working anyhoo."

    Cyra raised an eyebrow and said,

    "Who said I was returning you to your father? I just said I knew why he was looking."

    Royce turned and looked at her startled as with a push the bodyguard type shoved him through a doorway and slammed the door closed before he could think of something to say. The next few days were both worry filled and with a lot of boredom. After a day of windowless pain, he was moved to a new location, where was a little bit of a mystery as he was once again shot in the bum with a trancq dart, Cyra seemed to have a thing about shooting him in the bum.

    But he woke up with two nice surprises, a window, unfortunately it had build in bars (literally build into the wall!) and he wasn't tied up. Life was looking far more opportunistic. From then, his days were spent looking sadly out of the window and plotting. Lots and lots of plotting, and finally his opportunity arrived, it seemed like Cyra was holding a party.

    Catering vans were pulling up to the house, the guards seemed more than a little distracted with upgrading systems and making sure guest couldn't see things they ought not to and he was left just that little bit unattended. A habit that grew as the day progressed and lasted until the party was in full swing. Guard number four was distracted but the party below, head bobbing to the half heard music and this was a mistake, a huge headache of a one. Instead of backing out slowly hand on tranq gun as he normally did when checking in on Royce he turned his back and walked towards the door. It was the last thing he remembered for a while.

    Royce stripped him of his dinner jacket, tranq gun and for safety's sake, tied him the a chair. In the bathroom, with all of the sound proof doors closed. Royce smiled an evil grin and started down the hall towards the sound of music. He check rooms as he went until he found one of interest, and even he had to admit to himself that this may defiantly was not a goo idea... how could he resist? Inside was all of the sound equipment for the music downstairs. With an eye on the door and quick fingers he found the song that he was looking for and set it to playing, then turned the volume way way up so that "How Do You Like Me Now" by The Heavy blasted through the speakers to make a rather cheeky statement.

    Royce could hear the startled voices of the other guards as he checked the tranq gun, with a silent prayer he stepped into the hall and shot the first guard as he turned to face him, turning his next step into a roll so that he would arrive next to the second guard as he turned the corner. Every thought was focused on the next move, the next baddie, shot to the leg, elbow to the face, roll, duck, kick. With a last shot to the neck he took down the last guard just as the song reached its chorus line. He pressed the button for the elevator as he surveyed the damage.

    He had to admit that he had gotten a little rusty, one of the guards had almost managed to hit him. In a classic James Bond move he tossed the gun into a vase as he waited for the doors to open.

    With a swagger that said he was supposed to be here, he entered the party and grabbed a hors d'œuvre from a passing tray and gloated at the enraged expression on Cyra's face as one of her guards whispered the bad news in her ear. He nodded to the doorman as he passed and then he was out in the fresh night air where an over helpful Valet gave him the keys to a really nice sports car of some kind. For a second there he thought about correcting him but then decided that all was indeed fair in games of assassins and escape.

    So with a nod he took the keys and made a promise to leave the car at a police station somewhere. No need to actually steal the car.. just borrow it for a bit, as he slipped into the drivers seat and made good his escape.
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    This seems fun. Do I need to pm or anything to join?

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