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Thread: Piling up like laundry.

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    The last blister burst like a lava of snot.


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    barrier, like an undergrowth of punji, between barefoot and broom.


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    The inductance varied to and with the variation in stimulus like a comedian getting feedback from an audience.

    A new story

    I finally got 'A Family Business' recorded and loaded, all 37 mins of it, much longer than any I have done before.
    Hidden Content

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    improved like a stand-up comic's intuitive delivery after five years on the same circuit.


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    pedestrian like a street filled with a thousand shoes
    going about their business while avoiding the lone
    toes lingering.


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    Lyrical like words dancing along a musical scale.

    "Put not your trust not in princes, in the children of men,
    in whom there is no salvation."
    Psalm 146

    Timely, isn't it?

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    collapsed like a wind ransomed nylon
    geodesic sacrificed
    an ancient
    lake spirit
    by an unforgiving
    july convection


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    interspersed like vermilion spray expelled from the tip of a fine straw;
    undeniable emotion dithered the simple response.


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    staid like a nun, never known to man.


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    deluded as a kitchen waif subjected to identify with separation of yolk and white, repeatedly.



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