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Thread: My alcoholism is over!!

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    Hope you're still at the battle, GS!

    I quit smoking myself and it was a damn hard thing to do. Now, the smell disgusts me. For a while though, the cravings were kicking me in the pants. I kept "quitting" so many times until it finally stuck.

    Hope your battle is easier! Hang in there!

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    It's a tough situation that I can only tell about my experience with my doctor (who is an addiction specialist and who is a psychiatrist)and tell you about it. I don't know if you find this experience I had useful. But he has treated people addicted to the drugs he prescribes (the drugs he prescribes me can be addictive and serves more than one purpose and to treat depression. In my case I have an exacerbated condition that merited me being prescribed it, which is working on making me feel not depressed and I am not addicted: it treats more than 3 conditions along with my main diagnosis, I am hoping you find one to help combat any sort of craving alcohol which is causing you problems). Also, patients who use illegal drugs he treats. I imagine alcohol is in that group despite it being legal. He said to me one day, days ago, such illegal drugs affect the brain with molecules that stay lodged in the brain, which means. It probably means you need a prescribed drug that treats all of your symptoms with side effects and that is not harmful (whatever the case because side effects can be harmful but hopefully provides that solution, temporary or permanent or for a long while as needed until it is addressed). I don't know what to name your symptom as other than me saying it is a chemical addiction your brain that is craving the chemicals from alcohol withdrawal from other than anxiety, because of what I said. I don't want to label you and make you feel misunderstood. You have shown remarkable progress and attitude, and I'm thinking this isn't a counseling thing but a chemical thing that is causing this craving in your body. Besides the fact that depression is a symptom for people with a diagnosis given already that you may have. You are doing the right things. But remember you will need to treat it carefully because overcoming such things can be solved by treated it socially or what the doctor says, or what helps you (the medicines can only do so much, remember that is why we need therapy). But I have no experience in that alcohol is something I am not treated for, I wish you good progress and that you overcome this. Maybe there is more than one kind of specialist for this kind of problem you are having. Make sure you consider your options. Because this could probably be one of the best investments that will make a difference in your life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Green Shield View Post
    The craving is still there, but I will treat it with coke, sprite and tonic water.
    Congratulations, now you've just gotta kick the coke!


    See what I did there?

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