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#17 Hand Me Down Holes (1 Viewer)

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Emmaline running, calloused toes, dirt path trail.
Wearing cardboard in her soles,
patches those hand-me-down holes.
Budget of shoestrings, make new, old things.

Calling after Evelyn, slow up sister,
stop to play with me. Run this ridge line down,
climb in granny’s tree, write names with poison ivy.
Sisters, different obligations, hoe stones, rattle bones.

Bottles under moonshine glow, snakes where birds fly.
Spiders in his eyes, troubled future, denial's dream.
Fence leaning mule, picture on the wall, one last glance.
Daddy’s pond, finger’s tap drawing fish, cardinals call to go.

Teenage bride, honky-tonk fly, liquor widow,
Art through pain, tears that rain, double vision.
Black eye, silent problem, coward’s option.
Kentucky holler's dreams, roots to trees, stories shading me.
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Thank you Darren. This one sat on my desk with two lines written for a week. My subconscious brewing my grandmother's life into these four stanzas. Now I can expand on ideas conveyed in one line, create a poem from that, and call back to this one.
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