Book Recommendation on story structure, scene, and so forth (structure).

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Thread: Book Recommendation on story structure, scene, and so forth (structure).

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    Book Recommendation on story structure, scene, and so forth (structure).

    I originally wrote this recommendation for thefantastical.

    If you ever need just one book. Since I praise it over all the books I have collected over 5 years or more. And it is very cheap used.Not sure if it has a kindle version. Linda Cowgill wrote a book called secrets to screenplay structure (generic title for such an important book for me). It will help any beginner or intermediate or advanced writer. I dislike how writers of craft make a cottage industry of every advice on craft. It was originally a book written as a thesis I assume because it mentions Marymount Loyola university in the credits. It explains everything. I wish some topics were covered but it's the most practical guide I have come across and doesn't look like it. Pick it up to keep on your bookshelf. No other book helped me as much to inspire. Don't, however, look up Linda's other books. These seem to be not worth it. The book is common sense and tells you exactly how to structure it. I decided to tell you this, in case you were interested in learning about structure. I'll eventually put it up in the recommended section. Talent can emerge if you take your time to learn all the rules. Anyone can write good stories just by learning film basics (she covers almost everything except some topics I wish was covered in the book such as traits/flaws). But for explaining the structure it is unrivaled and she has a deep understanding that extends to professional studies in universities on Aristotle's poetics. She merges it with modern screenplay theory. The writer is a professor at that school.

    edit: I read some more of Linda, cowgill's book(
    The Art of Plotting: Add Emotion, Suspense, and Depth to your Screenplay). And the advice is easy to follow. Screenwriting is a broad discipline, and I plan on picking up more of her books. I wouldn't depend on her books though. This book complements the above book, which I was mistaken.I took my time and finished it.

    I also recommend creative screenwriting: understanding emotional structure. (I am at 40% finished )

    But to be able to write anything I know some of us are going to disagree with how to write better.
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