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Thread: What's Growing in Your Garden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Kevin, if you just adjust your view on the garden a bit. Might l suggest nature reserve. Then sit back, look out of the window and enjoy all those amazing animals. Much less stress.
    I do. We have resident hummingbirds and doves, birds of prey that swoop through attempting to harvest the doves. There are cottontails, raccoons at night; lizards, bugs, occasional snakes. It's too bad I don't eat squirrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    I have fruit trees (that I planted) and squirrels. Pineapple Guava, fuju persimmon, loquat, and pomegranate. Almost forgot: 1 apricot, and a dwarf cumquat . As I said, I have squirrels, both tree and ground varieties, so you might guess the rest. They are pretty trees though.
    What a great selection of trees!

    Thank God squirrels are one rodent we don't have where we are. We have mongoose but I have not discovered why they climb over the wall to access our garden. Probably water? We also have rats from time to time. HAte leaving poison traps for them but at least left under crates no cats or birds can access.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    I also have native cherries (which are not really edible unless you're a coyote) and about twenty small pots with grown-from-found/harvested, wild-seed natives: cherry, walnut, and bay leaf. And there's some cuttings of native snowberry.

    One year I bought a whole bunch of wild flower seed but the slugs ate all of them as little sprouts. The wife got so tired of my blubbering she banned me from the garden. I'm all better now.
    That's a shame, Kevin. Have you thought about investing in a greenhouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by JustRob View Post
    Aren't there any community gardens there? Here in England people will plant flowers and vegetables anywhere that's allowed. Local people may plant flowers on a traffic roundabout or in a shopping precinct, for example, just as a sign of local pride. In the suburbs of London where I was a child I recently saw that the locals had created a small community garden with flowers and vegetables on a tiny patch of unused land alongside the booking office of the railway station.
    It sounds nice where you live, Rob. IT's nice to know there are still some people who take a pride in their village

    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    It always amazes me that such fragile little flowers bloom in mid winter here, and look this good after a sharp frost. This clematis and the winter jasmine are the only bright splashes of colour in an otherwise sleeping plot.
    Must admit that I wouldn't want it any other way, a garden without seasonal changes would be boring.

    They looks so delicate! I used to have a beautiful fragrant winter jasmin growing in a pot but it got black mold due to the high humidity here and eventually it died.

    Perhaps I'll try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepwriter View Post
    We usually have tomatoes, peppers ( sweet and hot varieties ) and kale. Not quite time to get it going for the year here yet. We are working on two avocado trees that are close to two feet tall now. Have various herbs growing most of the time.
    Jealous of your avocados. We live too close to the sea and the salt winds have killed most fruit trees I've tried to grow.

    What herbs do you grow? I am just replanting my herb bed at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel View Post
    On top of that private gardens require permission from homeowners associations (if you have a nice enough house) and they will rule even what kind of things you can plant.
    So you can't grow veg in containers?

    I have room for a garden and no homeowners association but I still have to contend with poor soil, walnut trees, and not enough sunlight. Last time we planted a garden the neighbor's boys pulled out all of our sprouts while we were at work. The year before that they smashed all of our pots.
    And they are allowed to get away with it?That's so sad, Ams...

    back later...
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    Those kids were a nightmare. Never had any supervision and would destroy things just to destroy them. I have a chunk taken out of my wooden front porch where one of them to the claw end of a hammer to it. They've moved now so maybe this year I can get things growing again.

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    Goodness, they sound like the neighbors from hell!
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    I can only enjoy my garden when my neighbour isn't there. I will sit in it in the summer and she'll go outside in her garden and smoke and ruin it for me! She's retiring soon so there's goes my garden time. I only have a small garden and every year I hope to get more pots of herbs, my dream is to have a herb garden but I'm not much of a gardener, I follow my mother I think, she killed a cactus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenwales View Post
    I hope to get more pots of herbs, my dream is to have a herb garden but I'm not much of a gardener, I follow my mother I think, she killed a cactus
    Hi Jen,

    My next project is to revamp my herb bed. My herbs will never grow where I want them. What herbs do you plan on planting? As for cactus, they are quite easy to kill...overwatering I noticed the leaves of my Christmas cactus looked very ..crinkly and yellow. Turns out the poor thing was sitting in 3inches of stagnant water... I'm just hoping I caught it in time.

    As for your neighbor...what a pain!
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    Not sure, I have Lavender and rosemary and chives. One of my lavender plants has gone through the pot and into the ground and has sorta tipped over. I'm just going to go to a shop and buy whatever I fancy and grow all in pots/containers

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    My mom had a green thumb and could bring plants back from the brink. I have one plant of hers that my husband was able to save. Everything else is new and has been replaced at least once.

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    What's growing in my garden is the heap of shell shaped ice blocks from my bird bath.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No idea why iPad photos appear on their side. Rob says I shouldn't take this lying down.

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    we have a comunial garden and I use the word we loosely...not much growing there but it comes in handy for drug deals and police to enter the building without informing any of the residence...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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