How is the chest wound coming along ??
We are a bit accident prone, aren't we ??
I held it together at the time and it healed really quickly, just a round lump now; and yes, I am accident prone. I was burnt from kneee to shoulder when a nurse laid me on a hot water bottle of boiling water seconds after I was born. It left me with a huge scar up my back and a very high pain threshold, and I mean very high, so I was a reckless little boy, I'm afraid the habit stuck, I am a risk taker, not as careful as most.

As for standing in line, my other half is very organised, she bought timed tickets for all the Gaudi places; the Cathedral, Park Gell, and Casa Batlo; on the web before we left, and with the stick and the limp we didn't even stand in the timed ticket line, whooshed straight through

You missed a treat some ways, she timed our visit for five pm when the sun is in the west, it comes in through the stained glass and it reflects off the sculpted ceilings, and the central pillars are amazing. As someone who has worked in building trade and takes an interest in things I was left thinking "How did he manage that?" His understanding of construction techniques and materials was truly amazing. He invented a new form of arch for the attics at Casa Batllo!! How long have arches been around? A new form!!

Only four days, but I think we will be going back sometime.

Oh, and don't blame the nurse, she had just started work and been knocked off her bike on the way in by the blast from a V2 rocket bomb, didn't really know what she was doing.