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    Quote Originally Posted by wulfAlpha View Post
    Welcome wordaddict! I hope I'm not out of line by saying wordnerds rock!

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    I only say that because I am a shameless word nerd good luck!

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    "Ab Inicio"

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    Hi wulfAlpha,

    Wordnerds! It feels like I've found a home. Thanks for the welcome.


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    You're never too old to learn I think you'll enjoy the community. And, leave those chickens alone!

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    Once you reach ten posts you can add a profile picture and a signature. Also, we have a Mentor Directory and some great Writing Contests and Prompts.

    See you around the forum! : D
    Carpe Diem.

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    Nice to meet you! I live in a rural area and have a few chickens too! I guess I would have to label myself a child of the 80s but I've always been a practitioner of organic gardening even though the majority of people shake their heads and mutter something about wasting my time.

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    Hi Scrivener123,

    I just figured out there was a 'page 2' to click on so I didn't read your message until today. Thanks for the welcome and just for the record my chickens have nothing to fear from me for one of them is a rooster and he keeps me in line!

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    Hi danielstj,

    I didn't notice until today that there was a 'page 2' to click on so I didn't see your message until now. Thank you for the welcome.

    I think I have reached ten posts but I'm not sure how to add a picture and I don't know what a 'signature' is. Can you help me? The website is great but it is big and I keep getting lost!

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    Hello, let me welcome you, too. I love your username. To add an avatar (like my powerpuff self) go to the top and click Settings. On the left, toward the middle of the page (on a computer--it's different for mobile) you'll see a choice to Edit Avatar. Click on it. That will guide you ... you can pick from a gallery or upload one.

    A signature is the ... stuff ... below messages that shows up when people post stuff. Mine has links to the WritingForums.com social media and the podcast (if you listen to it, I have a poem there--but it's PG-13, so there's a naughty word).
    Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.
    ó Robert G. Allen

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    Hi Moonlight,

    So sorry I did not respond to your nice welcome sooner. (I'm still new at this and I didn't notice until today that there was a 'page 2' to click on so I didn't see your message).

    It's great to meet another organic gardener/chicken person. As to those who shake their heads and mutter? They'll never get to experience the incomparable taste and goodness of food that grows just outside the back door!

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    Hi astroannie,

    Thank you for your welcome. I've seen you around and I love your avatar.

    I appreciate the information and clarification. I've run out of time for today but I'll be back in a day or two and get busy. (And I look forward to checking out your PG-13 poem on the podcast!)

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