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    Author Pictures

    Should the picture of yourself you choose to put in your book, represent the mood of the story?
    disclaimer: I type to ask quuuesstions... if for wutever reeeson i mistake a their with there, or a two with to... or anything of the sort... forums is where i can lazeee tipe and not put effort in... i am not a professional...

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    I personally think it should represent the persona of the author. But that's just my opinion. I suggest you go to Amazon and look at the back covers via look inside of some of the popular traditionally published authors and you can get a sense of what kind of direction they are getting from their publishers.

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    I don't think it has to at all. Like TKent said, it's more a reflection of the author themselves.

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    hope my first novels not an erotic wudn't wanna see that face
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    I write non-fiction, so my thought is that the author pic on the back cover should look simple and professional. For other genres, I have no opinion/preference.

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    I think it should be taken from your best side...
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    I'm with TKent on this one. It seems like great advice.


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