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    My grades are starting to post. My final GPA will be above 3.5.
    Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.
    — Robert G. Allen

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    Five below zero here yesterday morning, but today we'll crack 50 and all this silliness will pause for a time. Not even winter yet, and at 6.5k' we've got some shoveling and shivering yet to do.

    Awoke early and headed for the gym before 5. Changed all the TVs in front of the treadmills to "Mad About You" (4:3, non-HD) and hid the remotes. Can't take another day of Fox News. I sat there, spinning away on the bike, watching people look from monitor to monitor in disbelief, shrugging to one another and shaking their heads. This must be what Rupert Murdoch feels like!
    It all starts with a name and flows from there. A ridiculous moniker springs to mind and it launches like a multi-lubed slippery-sloop down chutes made of buttery-floops. Down, down, down. We watch, spellbound. Rapturous. Glockenspiel. We do our due diligence with penitence and penicillin. Do what’s due, then dew drops on your moon-pops.

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    It's 12F here (-11C) but the sun is shining. I'm surrounded by beautiful woods and get to see deer and bobcats on occasion while working. We have hummingbirds during the summer and red-winged blackbirds during the winter. The beauty here cannot be overstated. I work in a landfill.

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    We are having unusually warm weather here in the Algarve. The sun is shining and at 11am it was 19C! Not quite shorts and t-shirt weather but close.
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    Encountered one of those walking-art people... you know, 'as beautiful as a painting'. I didn't say a word and was as polite as can be, pretending to not notice as I waited to order a coffee. 'Remarkable beauty'. Bearded man was waiting for her at the curb in the Range Rover, and I assume they were off to the movie shoot or flying to Paris or some such or other (why else would they be up 5:30 am? Certainly nothing ordinary). I, in comparison, look like a chimney sweep. Maybe I should grow a belly and sport the stub of a soggy old cigar? Just for artistic contrast...

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    December sunlight, delicate and clean, bleached by the cold. I love how it plays on the bluffs without the searing harshness of summer. Having a light sensitivity, I've always been intrigued by the dance of light and shadow. And December is my favourite song.

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    I have a poem that is a play of sound and images and asks a question. I'm half in-love with it and can't stop playing with it.

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    After going on about Asthma, I realized this is the "Positive Room", OK. The positive is that I will be around for a long time!
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    “The man who cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”
    Andre Breton

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    We are having unusually warm weather here in the Algarve. The sun is shining and at 11am it was 19C! Not quite shorts and t-shirt weather but close.
    We even managed 14C in sunny Sussex around lunchtime. Not bad for mid-winter.

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    Was up in the mountains skiing - the sun was shining from a deep blue, cloudless sky - not a wind moved - and not many pistes were skiable as the great downpour of snow has yet to come.
    But we're greatfull for whatever we get.
    Lots of people from Barcelone/Madrid - some times there're more Spanish up there in the Pyrenees than French
    A little girl, sitting in the lift besides me, was of Swedish origin, but lived in Barcelone with her parents.
    She showed me she could talk Swedish, Spanish and English - whou!!
    Five years old
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