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    It may not sound like much but my blood pressure has been normal, or close to, for several weeks now. Gradual weight loss and a regular light exercise regime seem to be working. Things were a bit hairy at 180 over 105 and it's averaging out more like 130 - 135ish over 80 - 85 now. Not perfect but a vast improvement. Hopefully those heart valves won't be incurring any more damage too soon.

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    It snowed yesterday which was nice, but I couldn't get my SP snow blower to start so I could clear the driveway. Then today with the sun starting to melt the snow, I tried again and it started right off. Things are looking up

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    Saw my aunt today. It was a nice visit. It's been too long since the last time I went to her house. She lives right up the hill too. I need to make it a point to go see her more often. I have her number so I can call her.
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    Life is challenging, Difficult and often unfair. You can either cry about it or survive and succeed.

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    i get extra hours today
    and tomorrow
    despite my wobble...
    and the tangle of tape.
    yeah, we're like this. >|<

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    Re-connected with an old friend today and went to my step-daughter's school's Christmas thing. It was nice.

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    Had an accident at work yesterday. Could easily have broken my leg - or worse - but just ended up with a couple of scrapes and a tweaked ankle (walking OK again now with some stiffness). People's kindness in helping me past those first few minutes was heartwarming.

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    I sent out some invitations yesterday for the Side Trips Challenge. I read some of what the member has written lately, sometimes it is in forums I never visit except when I am search for new talent. I find that I what we write tends to be very telling about who we are, and how telling some of the stories are here of their authors. Sometimes an invitation is sent out of respect, sometimes out of a sense of wanting to make them feel more like part of the WF family. It never stops amazing me the number of talented writers who claim that their skills are sub par or that that can't write non-fiction. I am blessed with a lot of notes back and I often get to form friendships here from the back and forth in pms Yes it does make me feel good to be able to offer someone a place, and a chance to share some of their work, but more importantly a chance to share part of themselves with me and the others here.

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    This discussion, and Plastic Bob's SideTrips Challenge (see post above), got me thinking about the changes in my life, almost all for the better. I am now where I wanted to be ten years ago, although I didn't know how I was going to get here.

    It's almost ten years ago that I joined WritingForums. Now I own it, and am the boss of the best volunteer crew of any site on the net. I learned a lot about how to be a good leader, how to balance fire and water, how to herd cats, that sort of thing.

    Ten years ago, I was just learning about why my last real relationship went pear-shaped, and taking to heart the message from her that it wasn't my fault but a previously undiagnosed mental illness for which she was finally getting some treatment. It solidified a friendship that I feared I might have lost.

    Now, I am sitting in a home on the other side of my country - Australia - a home owned by the girl I fell in love with nearly forty years ago, and lost to another nearly thirty five years ago. I have gone from being a weight-gaining slob content to commute from my bedroom to my home office (via my kitchen) and happy to be alone with my last cat, to a clean-cut, clean-shaven, weight-losing man intent on making the one dream partner in his life happy. We didn't eat for the first three days we spent together at my place; we didn't even think about food. Now, I can barely eat half of my usual serves.

    Six years ago, I was told I had one chance in eight of not having a fatal heart attack, and that even if I went the whole mountain guru route, the best I could hope for was a one chance in three of surviving. Now I am celebrating one year into my Golden Time, and the prognosis looks better than ever.

    Four years ago, I bought and took over this forum. Now I enjoy its benefits and its challenges. Now, I revel in this community and my part in it.

    There are other positives I can point to, but I'm happy to share these here and now.
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    Snowed today all day but it will melt by Saturday so I won't have to blow it.
    A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. Steven Wright

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    My brother got a new car! And thank goodness.... His old car had too many problems to be worth fixing. I like it better already. He use to have a Volkswagen and those are kinda small with not much room in the back seats. His new car is bigger and much more comfortable. I hope it's not as big of a pain to fix this one. He use to bring his old car to some specialty garage out of state.
    Life is challenging, Difficult and often unfair. You can either cry about it or survive and succeed.

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