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Thread: What disease does this sound like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren White View Post
    You all do realise you are replying to a 3 year old post?
    No sense rushing these things...

    Hidden Content Monthly Fiction Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren White View Post
    You all do realise you are replying to a 3 year old post?
    Well then I guess it's safe to say that Lorewen's character is long dead by now.

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    Don't have to fire the actor.

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    They might've got better and then got sick again. You don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnesiac View Post
    They might've got better and then got sick again. You don't know.
    I couldn’t resist. We all must laugh at ourselves. It must be noted that the prior poster was bloody upset about a character Being gone forever and not a one person asked if the OP was OK. Here we are inadvertently reviving a thread With OP asking about a rare decease (that I refuse to call anything else BUT consumption) and OP’s out there somewhere wondering if we’re still single, if we still think of her.

    Well, We do!

    Screw all the fabulous characters we all loved so much and come back OP at least to tell us the thread looks great, even after all these years!!!

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    Space Cadet, if there was a "LOVE" option, instead of a "Like," you'd have it, buddy! Great post! LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorewen View Post
    This character has been sick for a while (months?), but she's been hiding it from most people, maybe even from her closest friends and the grandson who lives with her, but that's negotiable. She has been going to the best doctor in the area (think 19th century medicine), and he says there's nothing more he can do for her. Then one day she collapses (or something?) and it suddenly becomes common knowledge that she is dying. At that point, I want her to have a few days left.

    If I can put a name to this, I'm sure there are plenty of medical sites where I could get more details, but so far I don't really have anything to search for.

    This fits many different forms of cancer. What would cause her to see a doctor? Anything abnormal as a lump in an organ along with periodic unbearable pains. The end might be related to blood in the bowls or urine or mouth, eyes or ears depending on the cancer. It's slow at first until it starts matastasis. where the disease starts to put cells into the blood stream to attach to other weak places in the body. But Sepsis also works in a similar way but you die quicker. Cancer is a slow death until metastasis occurs. Then the death is imminent within a year or two tops if untreated. Surgery in 1900's might slow it down if you live through the surgery; at time it causes it to spread. The body rots from the inside out in a sense with the cancer living off the tissues of the body for it's own need. The lump gets bigger. Women were at the expense of the medic system the early 1900's concerning cancer all studies were for cancers that men had. Uterine and breast cancers weren't even looked into until 1990's. Take a look at the history. You could write a story on the numbers; they will tell you a lot about the survival rate. The sooner the better for treatment of any cancer. Then it may be eradicated from the system by changing diet and use of meds and surgery. I have had a cancer removed with no reoccurrence for over 6 years.


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