I need a new book to read

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Thread: I need a new book to read

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    I need a new book to read

    I'm looking for something in the spy thriller/action genre. I love Jason Bourne and Alex Rider books. Want something gripping, twisty, intense, with a good strong high-stakes climax. Would also prefer less explicit content if possible.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you like horror? I rather enjoyed The Atrocity Archives but they have a horror element and if that's not to your taste....
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    Shameless promotion of WF authors in 3..




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    Quote Originally Posted by James 剣 斧 血 View Post
    Shameless promotion of WF authors in 3..



    Thank you. Might I add that if one is interested in exceptional writing, see Olly's and Terry D's books. Olly's book gets me through much of the waiting I have to do at the medical center, along with Jen's two collections of poetry, and Terry's book was written so effectively it had me screaming at the characters (still haunted by parts of it).
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'd love to check out some forum members' books, if they happen to be on Audible... I failed to mention I'm at an audiobook-only phase of life with school and all and I have one free Audible credit to blow. So I may be limited to bigger-name type stuff.

    Also, I really love Inception, so if there's a tense twisty thriller that scratches the same itch, I'm all for it.
    "We learn more by fixing mistakes than we ever would have if things had gone right in the first place."
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    You could try Robert Ludlum's The Gemini Contenders.

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    Tom Clancy's earlier works (first six or seven novels) are among the best thrillers you could wish to read.

    Jack Higgins does some good work, though his writing isn't to everyone's taste.

    Anything by Frederick Forsyth.

    John Le Carre's earlier work.

    Nelson DeMille is a good blend of early Clancy, early Le Carre, and a bit of Ludlum. Fantastic novelist.

    If you want to go old school, Raymond Chandler (not technically thriller, but noir, hardboiled, steampunk noir), Dashiell Hammett (something similar to Chandler), Cornell Woolrich (similar again).

    Avoid anything by writers writing as Robert Ludlum, or Tom Clancy, or just in general. Not worth your money.

    If you're looking for fast-paced, breakneck, not much hanging around and building the story up novels, check out Matthew Reilly, Dan Brown, Lee Child.

    Also think about branching out into psychological (Ted Dekker, Thomas Harris), techno (Tom Clancy, Ken Follett), political (Brad Thor, Vince Flynn), and forensic (Jeffery Deaver, Karin Slaughter) thrillers. It may not be what you're looking for, but it's worth the read.
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    As Sam said, Tom Clancy is a good choice so are,

    Cliver Cussler,

    Ian Fleming (James Band novels),

    Wilbur Smith also writes brilliant edge of your seat action/psychological thillers,

    H.Ridder Haggard is also well worth a read if you want to go back to like the origin of the action thriller in novels,

    Andy McDermott, he wrote the Nina Wilde series which are great fun action novels.

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    Blake Crouch - 'Dark Matter' - a thriller that'll give you a nosebleed.

    Simon Toyne - 'Sanctus Trilogy' - Breathtaking pace, but short chapters leave you with plenty of pit stops. - Best series I've read since...

    Stieg Larrson - Millennium Trilogy' - The guy died way, way to young.
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    I got Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Then I read Gavrushka's post and got Dark Matter too. I'll keep researching all the suggestions in this thread. Thanks y'all!
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