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    odd luck{critical hit}

    I need all of you guys help. you se I have had the strangest luck and I keep wanting to question it. the thing is I realy shouldn't. You see I was just at the library and I meat a guy wit this a pizza and a giant mountain due. we talk for a short while ad it turns out he is a writer. So from there he invites me to a d an d group. now right there I'm realy interested. I have been wanting to play a long capering forever. to since the nineties. I realy only played three quick one of sessions. so I give him my email address and from that point we start talking about our book projects. I pulled up my amazon page and this is were I started question my luck. you see he looks at the screen and says. "I've read those books/I know that writer."

    so I am left wandering at this point when the camera crew will jump out and say you just got pinked. Not litteraly I have been questioning the hole thing from that point till now and it's stuck in my head for no reason.
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    So you met a random person who read your books? I would find that pretty freak'n cool! Just dont take him up on going to his secluded cabin for the winter, should he ask.
    "When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life, and that I can't do." -Abel Morales - A Most Dangerous Year.


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