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Nice podcast, Hammy. We're going to miss you on the dark side.
Thanks Mustard. I'm gunna miss you all too.

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Beautiful Ash, thank you so much
Any time Lee! I really enjoyed reading your poem.

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listen to it later....cool
Thanks esc! Appreciate the support =)

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My poem and I want to thank you for your outstanding reading. My wife finally liked it--- she thinks my stuff is way too dark but finally saw the the light in the poem by your reading. You put a smile on this face....
Awesome, I'm really glad! Yours was fun to read. It has a nice flow to it as well. Glad you both liked it.

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She didn't do a good job reading your poem, she did a great job! What a great little poem Bob and Hammy you did great job bringing it to life....My wife and daughter and I sat at the kitchen table and listened to it and really enjoyed it..:}

Thanks for the great read on mine as well Hammy, it brought smiles all around
That makes me happy and shy all at once. You had a great story there! Thank you for submitting it and letting me read it.

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Loved it! Thank you!!!
Any time! So glad you enjoyed it.

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And thanks for the Creep plug as well
I might look into the audio books as a side job haha. And I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked being able to promote Creep as well. It was fun!

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That was brilliant! Great work from everyone concerned and beautifully read as always.
Thanks Jen! Glad you liked it.