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Thread: The Official Writing Forums Mental Health Support Thread (READ RULES FIRST!!!)

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    People always evaluate me by what I say and do. How I express myself. Sometimes I don't know myself and there is family to describe me the best. The counselor is like a psychoanalyst to me. When I don't feel well I depend on the other people for help. Then if I do something that looks out of the ordinary it's me that goes back to the office. (for example I did try years ago to flee from my house from a taxi without money, I wanted a 2 hour drive to grandma's house)

    I am sentimental to people who have problems I have gone through to a fault. Would make for great story material. Since I know what people feel a lot of the time.

    You don't need my messages of anything and as I know you know your way to take care of yourself and are doing well. You've made your mind a long time ago. I hope you reverse this (insomnia).

    One thing is some people need to accept is that no one is an island. A cousin of mine is the dangerous sort of gambler. They gave him medicine and he chooses not to take it. I don't know his diagnosis really well. It sounds as if he has some kind of autism.

    And good that you are proud of non-fiction. That's something you can profit off from more easily from that books I have heard.

    With best of intentions and hopefully not sounding pretentious.Glasshouse.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
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    A mother of someone close was on board this plane when it crashed. Ever since this news I've been feeling kind of strange. What a horrible way to die! I don't even know what to say or think. It triggers in me some kind of existential angst. The whole thing sounds like a plot of a story I might have written. Except it's not a story. Reality can be stranger than fiction.
    I threw a glance at humankind and saw them treacherous and feeble.
    Severe judges, cruel, unkind and fools who are always close to evil.
    Before their frightful, anxious mob, indifferent hate forever rages.
    Not learnt the lessons from the ages!
    What use are wise and tempered words?
    "Sometime, in my sweet blindness" - Pushkin

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    Sorry about your loss Mish. I hope you cope with this with regards to how you feel. If needed advise people to enroll in some therapy if things get out of control. (most people dont think they need it; their typical reaction I hear is that people dont want others to think they have problems) The counselors or therapists can most likely help. Sometimes people get depressed after a lot of stress (unfortunately such as when someone important in their lives passes away). People can feel like that but getting help is something a lot of people refuse to do. Depression is an invisible disease. The symptoms are confusing and difficult to detect (sleeping in bed all day not enjoying what you do or your favorite activity). Even mental illnesses such as the one I have start as the person not knowing they have it. Because they don't think logically. So people like me have no emotional intelligence supposedly (in my case I'd rather say I take things to a depressing extreme). Some people say they learn to move on. That's important to every once in a while when sad things happen to people. But sorry and hopefully things get better.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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    Today I bought a new calendar to replace one I bought earlier which had 12 positive messages printed each month...looking at good things are going to happen started to annoy me...I can recall trying to be positive when negativity prevailed but for me the ability to keep going was far more beneficial to me then trying to make myself believe in up beat negatively...
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    why does this work and what does it say about me?

    I have this tactic that I have used three different times on three separate times that has made my productivity sore comparatively. I just do a piece of the task to small for me to even fail it and it gets done. It's incredibly simple. the problem being when I go to plan out tasks in any other way than this or even have a plane at all my brain says no way. you stay in bed and do nothing for a hole day unless the task is the next thing that is to small to fail. so I was wondering why that is or does anyone else have this problem or advice on this.
    p.s, this is a copy and paste job from yahoo answers but it's my question.
    If anything at least I can get something done if I do this now.
    edit.. need to fix the errors in this paragraph.. sorry I was kind of hypo manic and flew through it because i really need the answer/feed back that dang badly.
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    Anyways plasticweld gave good advice to you and I believe what he said is true. Also set small goals, and action steps. Maybe a psychologist could help you when you mention you want to set small goals and small steps. A doctor of mine said medical treatment is a tango. The medical patient and doctor need to work both together. I remember when I had problems losing weight they didn't want to switch goals of going to therapy and other goals. Until I was able to accomplish that part first. It's step by step progress.

    I am saying this because I see you struggle with grammar. The only program I think that works for me is read and write. I said think because that's how I proofread a previous story. My mistake was that I didn't use Microsoft Word with it. If you ever write use the free version if you can't decide on it. I hope your mental health has improved.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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    ty both.... just to let you both know though my mental health yo yo's so in three weeks I may be back to doing nothing... I just know this has worked for me three times now and it has made it so that I have really close together times of short burst of productivity month wise.. instead of huge islands of nothing and extreme burst of a lot at once.
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    To write find a quiet spot. It is standard advice. Also try to do it at a certain time if it makes you feel more productive. Or start in the part of the day when least busy. For schizo-affective people noise swings moods often. If you have a set of silencing earmuffs use them. Go to the basement if there is one in your house where it is quiet. Practice exercise. For reading books and taking notes that too is a discipline. You get more productive if reading a book by turning off the computer. Sometimes nighttime is for me the best time. People in my house wind-down and relax and are in different parts in the house. My mother watches netflix, my father the news downstairs. My brother who is busy works overtime in his room. Sometimes the living room isn't the best place. P.S. I can't study when too many people are talking or write when I hear a movie playing in the background. I need a table to work sometimes as it helps set the mood. Not being comfortable and in a quiet place promotes poor concentration. In fact it is part of a learning style. Such as when lighting is needed to study. Some people take breaks from long hours of study, and snacks. This is from an educational perspective and my own.

    To exercise reading a book can help you focus imo since I am not on the computer. It frees you from the internet. My doctor recommended some things I do sometimes but dont like doing. A doctor said, that 2 hours a day of computer if you are working. It was cognitive behavior therapy which places as a goal to get a job.

    Psychotherapy is different. You can just do what the doctor says. That's medicine. Occupational therapy as well was recommended to me. So you know depending on what you want to do the answer is complex.

    A person with cognitive behavior therapy will want you to get a job believing that is what their school taught them to feel less depressed. My current doctor other doctor knows the routine of my parents.

    Whatever therapy you get there are very high expectations more for cognitive. It is seen as rehabilitation. Going back to school and so on.

    I suggest you listen what the doctors have to say. Some place extreme responsibilities and others do not. Not until they know how you can manage your disease. I would like more of going back to school but that will have to wait. Psychotherapy and occupational therapy are my alternatives. Think critically what it means to follow the doctors orders to the letter. Does this work for me? And so on. These are my observations, some are subjective and others are based on opinions on facts.

    For cognitive behavior therapy you have to establish rituals. That is you need to take a bath in the morning which gives you more free time. As moods fluctuate this is hard to do. You must be very motivated by something. But I think I managed.

    Exercise is a requirement for all who want to live longer. It is something I focus only when leaving the computer off. Obsessive compulsive disorder doesn't help. Live days without a computer and your routine would change drastically.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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    The computer is your friend. It's the internet that sucks at your soul. It shortens your attention span, makes off with your valuable time and screws up your dopamine response.

    I deleted two thirds of my bookmarks a month ago; political sites, cute animal blogs, humor sites...all gone. Only once since then have I felt the urge to revisit them, which was of course impossible.

    Since then, I've gotten more writing done than I have in the past year and a half. Resisting the urge to go online certainly helped, but there is also a kind of momentum that comes from making progress. It's self-affirming. It generates positive energy that I make sure to channel right back into my project. It's even elevated my mood a bit. At this rate, I'll have my first draft finished in a month or so. This is literally the first significant piece I've finished in thirty years, and it feels pretty damn good to have the writing train speeding along so smoothly.


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