Plotter or a pantser? Or...a plantser?

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Thread: Plotter or a pantser? Or...a plantser?

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    Plotter or a pantser? Or...a plantser?

    Plantser. Someone who preps a little, but not as much as a plotter.
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    Tried being a pantser, but all that does for me is gets me a few thousand words into the story and then I fizzle out as I dont know where the story is going.

    I am a plotter, I need to have an idea of where the story is going. within the chapters I do a bit of pantsing, within the guidelines for the chapter.

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    I would have to say that I'm a plantser- half way between plotter and pantser. I do have some semblance of a plot and where I want the stories to go- with some scenarios that must happen in them, however, I don't have it written down.

    Half Pantser / half plotter = plantser
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    I'm a plantser

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    To know that there's a word for being a "yay i finished the blurb of a book but i dont know what will happen from there on so lets just wing it", I've never felt so validated. Always nice to be known as a plant, sir. ; )

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    I'm a planner. Not a plotter.

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    A pantzer but I've usually got a rough idea of the characters and important scenes already planted firmly into my head.
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