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Thread: art is subjective....

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    I'm also not certain that it's art; but that is what they said about Jackson Pollack, wasn't it? Not my cup of tea, but well, hell, it might be someone's...

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    Jackson Pollack falls under my "cry for help" folder I am afraid to say... but if people like that, they can have at it! lol
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    Jackson bollocks some might say but I like his stuff..seen a couple over the years and some can splash the paint about and just make it work...this art thing is so diverse and that's it biggest appeal......
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    Just took a 30 min walk to the beach to view Anthony gormleys statues placed all over the beach...

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    I like them.....
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    What a pleasant experience I had when looking at the exhibition at the Bluecoat Liverpool in celebration of 300 years and showing works from many past exhibitors. A drawing by Ray Walker from a study of one of his mutuals.The last time I seen his work was 89 or 87..A long time ago...
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    walking from a to b on a regular basis from the train station to the shops etc...i often notice what people have in their gardens and statues ornaments on display in a vestibule or window sill and sometimes the works of art hanging on the walls. Often just a fleeting glance but i build up this image of a person and not the people who live in there..the car and the colour of the paint and the flowers i think are a joint decision but it's the art work that stands out for me and what i often realise is that there is far more modern,abstract pieces than your more classical style knocking about.I've lived in mainly working class areas and middle class areas of the city and i would put the working class style in the classical and the middle class as the more abstract modern style....not a steadfast rule but still a notion i'm comfortable with and i do wonder what is the most influential thing in art..individuality or group mentality.
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    nearly bought a picture in a charity shop the other was a picture of mick jagger..just his face..i think it was painted over a poster image but it really did show his face in a very expressive form..representational, can pick any words to describe a work of art that works for you but i decided not to buy it because i'm not that keen on faces but i liked it..i could have lived with it and enjoyed was only a couple of quid...maybe if i knew the artist and had a feel for what they were about i could relate to the painting more..personalities in art work for the story of van gogh,peter droig...often i'm influenced by the persona more than the image they produce and if the two come together it can be a great many people have pictures on their walls that are by artists they have no idea about but just like the image..which is cool but would they like it more or less if they new something of the person who painted it..
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    often in the city library they have exhibits in the foyer and last week a series of coloured photographs of goals..some painted and some goal posts from one end of the country to the fav was one in glasgow next to an industrial backdrop and the posts were just standing there paint peeling and the grass overgrown...picked up a card and it had the photographers details but i've misplaced it and i hope it's still on the next time i go because i really enjoyed his subject matter....if you stick in urbangoals the twitter page comes up..worth a look

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    can't find the one i like but this is just as good....

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    Modern art is a joke. It is not art. And it is not conceptional art either, that would imply that there is profound thinking behind it. There is none. If there is, I must be an artist by heart, because my bed looks like that everyday. It is a disgrace and it's embarrassing.

    There was a kid who left his glasses on the floor of a modern art exhibition and people cornered around them, admiring the 'artistry.' Comes to prove it is a load of shit, to be frank. It is pretencious, and try to disagree with them - they will call you uncultured, unable to comprehend "art." It is not art, it is pretenciousness at it's best. It requires no talent, no creativity. The main ingredients for art, and they don't have it.

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    what is art of merit to you OP...?
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