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Thread: NEW SUPER COOL RPG :: Hope's End

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    NEW SUPER COOL RPG :: Hope's End

    My friend MattDavies and I created a cool RPG story that we wanna share with you guys!

    The Story:
    Texas has seceded many years prior and now a faction of people are fighting to rejoin the Union (perhaps aided unofficially by the US). The rebels are rebelling against a string of ineffective and corrupt politicians, a poor economy caused by the sudden secession, and an overbearing religious leadership. Lubbock is a New Republic of Texas stronghold and the Hope’s End suburb is a stop for refugees fleeing the violence

    It's a survival story set in dangerous times with lot's of action.

    Post below if you'd be interested. We need at least 2-3 more people to join us and it would be awesome if even more did!
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    I've too much going on away from WF at the moment for another RPG, unfortunately. It looks a good premise, though.
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