Although now six years old, the History Channel documentary "After Armegeddon" is chock-full of relevant information to help anyone survive a global Stuff Hits The Fan scenario. That's the good news, and that alone makes this worth investing an hour and a half of your time. The downside, we'll get to. I don't want to scare anybody off.

Not that a global pandemic wouldn't be scary enough. The writers of "After Armageddon" picked a good example of what most large-scale, societal collapse scenarios would look like. A massive cyber attack, global financial meltdown or EMP attack would all have similar effects, and decision points. The docu-drama is cut with various experts analyzing the events as they unfold and providing advice.

This story begins with a standard avian / swine flu epidemic, that quickly evolves into a global pandemic. Efforts at quarantine fail, and soon society breaks down. The protagonist family, firmly in a state of denial, "bugs-in" (ie shelters in place). After a few days, TV and the Internet aren't working. Soon after that, they lose electricity. A couple of weeks in, the water stops running. I forgot to mention, they live in L.A.
The patriarch (Chris) forays out to look for news and maybe supplies. What he finds are unburied dead bodies, crazy people and looters. Perhaps not much different than L.A. on an average day, but enough to get Chris thinking.
He talks his loopy wife (Ellen) and clueless son (Casey) into the sensible course of getting the hec out of there. And that is where the "fun" really starts.

Herein lies the only major fault in this documentary. The characters are some of the most pathetic, unsympathetic losers to face The Apocalypse. I really think they make the cast of "Shaun of The Dead" look like Seal Team Six. I suppose the point is, if these half-wits can make it, ANYONE can. If you can get past the nonsensical idea that these people survive, you can get alot out of this documentary. And don't root for any of them to "Darwin Award" out... you'll only disappoint yourself.

Let me highlight three simple examples of utter stupidity demonstrated by our MENSA dropouts, Chris, Ellen and Casey. Early on, as looters approach their house, Chris decides to trash the lawn, hoping the looters will just move along. As Chris scatters clothes outside, Ellen comes out screaming, "What are you doing! I just washed those!".
ProTip: If a marauding gang is apporaching, bent on pillaging and brutalizing your family, don't worry about getting grass stains on your Luluemon yoga pants. Okay?

We can forgive the boy, Casey, because he's only 14, right? I want to, but I can't. They are crossing the desert, and this young Einstein brushes his teeth, rinses and SPITS OUT his water. I think my jaw dropped the first time I saw this. Chris and Ellen maybe should have made it clear that this was not some kind of camping trip. Later, Casey won't eat a snake his dad caught and cooked, even though it's the only food they have. By the Grace of God my boy is not that dumb. Oy.

Chris, the sharpest stick in a dull bundle, has his moments as well. They figure out that a food distribution warehouse might have some... food. Chris walks up to a charming group of Mad Max rejects, who now OWN the warehouse (whoever gets there first, with the most guns, owns it). Chris approaches, unarmed, and offers to buys some food. Y'know, with cash money? The AR toting biker stifles a laugh, having to explain to Chris that money is no good. Chris is told that "I'll take that watch (Chris' wristwatch)".
They let Chris walk away, without food or Submariner, to go die elsewhere. From the gang-members perspective, shooting someone that stupid would be doing him a favor that he didn't deserve.

I'll stop flogging the dead horse here. When you get to that epic part where they drink water out of a radiator, your neck will be too sore to shake your head any more.

But seriously, "After Armageddon" is a good documentary. I particularly enjoyed the Old Trader, and news of "the Outside Word" he would bring. After Chris and family settle down, the trader informs them that he doesn't even go near L.A. anymore...
"Last time I was there, folks were ripping shelves and floor tiles out of the WalMart, tryin' to sell 'em." And he regretted that he had no antibiotics to trade, because they were all being used in the "New Civil War" down south. Yikes.

The "experts" in the cut scenes provide good advice, albeit truncated and incomplete. Some info is a good refresher, or if you're new to this, a starting point.
Perhaps this film is good despite it's flaws, or because of them. Regardless, if you think you might want to survive a SHTF or WORL scenario, give it a view. And if you think that "prepping" is too hard... you're right. It's dying that is the easy part.