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Thread: WIFS 26 - August

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    WIFS 26 - August

    It's the end of August and we've got a
    big newsletter for your enjoyment.
    It's packed with poetry, fiction, interviews, news, member art and a
    special cover illustration by yours truly.
    In this issue we are pleased to lift our cups to our new
    regular contributor Sam and his
    inaugural column titled, appropriately, The Glass Is Full.

    Click <here> to view

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Better and better! This is a super newsletter with a fantastic range of talent and wordsmith wizardry. The standouts for me were Sam's column and that heartbreaking poem by SilverMoon but all the contributors excelled themselves this time. Great work everyone!

    The usual super-professional layout too. Thanks to everyone involved for a thoroughly enjoyable read.
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    Nice newsletter as usual. Love the graphics on this one.

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    Enjoyed it.
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    Great work! It looks delicious too ...

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    Awesome job!
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    A very professional job, and a nice collection of evocative writing. I even found myself agreeing with Sam

    Kudos to the team.

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    cool work everyone
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    Viewing this during my break at work. Excellent job, guys! I'm proud of you for all your hard work. It's always a pleasure to see recognition for judging. I hope our readers can muster up some courage to participate in our writing competitions.

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