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This just goes to convince me that there's something special about Wyoming.

I grew up (am still growing up) in southern Wyoming. I'm focusing my undergraduate research on ecocritical theory (in medieval texts but still). I think in a place with so few people and such a rich natural environment, you really begin to have a relationship with your surroundings, and an awareness of how people talk and interact with concepts of place, landscape, and wildlife.

It's cool to see more from and about you, Leec.
Thanks Nice words and you grasped the significance. If you're interested in reading books set in Wyoming, see my review of M.D. Robinson's Memories of a Distant Future at:

Of course, my own book has a fair share of "northern Rockies" setting. In the culture I was nurtured in, that whole NW Wyoming, SW Montana, SE Idaho is Ne'we country

I like your research focus, I assume at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. It's going on fifty-five years since I was there