I came across this competition via Twitter.

We are the organisers of the UK Short Story Competition which has only just started the judging process. (August 2016)
After the success of the UK Short Story Competition, this competition is based on the same successful model.
The 'X Factor' for writing competitions.
The public decides who wins.

Worldwide entries are welcome.
Self-published submissions are welcome.
The ONLY restriction is that your submission must not have been published by a publisher. That's it.
If it's on your blog, it's okay.
If you are represented by an agent, it's ok.
If it's on Amazon or any other e-book retailer, it's okay.
We can't be fairer than that.

We have over 9293 registered judges from the UK Short Story Competition just waiting to see your work.
Here is a link to competition comparisons

and a link to home page

Please note: I am not promoting this competition and know nothing more than what I've read on twitter and on their website. This post is for information only.