About WFS' Newsletter (WIFS)

Would you like to know how and why members here at writingforums.com are published within the monthly WIFS Newsletter? Read on!

About Us

The newsletter
has been running for six years now, and from across every written and visual level found on Writing Forums, the finest work and art is scouted out for publication within its pages. In particular, Newsletter staff look to feature:

Prose (700-1000 words): The best in short stories and flash fiction in any genre: sci-fi, steampunk, contemporary, mystery, thriller, romance (no explicit content,).

Poetry (300 words max): Exceedingly visual and emotive pieces that master any form, any function.

Essays (700-1000 words): First-class movie and book reviews, articles on writing, articles on daily living and working.

Visual Arts: For all of the above, we scout for the best visual art by WF members to portray each piece, and we have one fantastic art director to bring them all together. If chosen, we usually request a resolution: 3300 x 2550 pixel ( roughly 8.5" x 11" [inches]). Generally, the bigger the better!

Member Quotes: We love listening to what you say, and we look for quotes that underpin writing and life in general!

Everything the Newsletter has to Offer

The newsletter is also all about getting to know members, their work, and interviewing guest authors, editors, and artists across the whole spectrum of publishing.

Featured Guest Interviews: In the past the Newsletter has seen some of the best interviews take place, and we continue to bring in the most informative of authors, editors, and cover artist from across all genres.

WF Author Interviews: every month a published WF author is interviewed and we explore everything about their writing career, and also some more personal traits too!

Podcasts: Am-hammy gives a very powerful voice to members’ poetry and prose in our WF podcasts. It’s special seeing your work published, but getting to hear it…!

Catfish Soup Interviews
: WF has a host of published and aspiring authors, poets, songwriters and artists, and the Catfish Soup Interviews help us to get to know all our members a lot more. From getting views on publishing to exploring what’s in your fridge, these are possibly the most fun interviews in the WIFS newsletter.

And not to forget those Member quotes and memes:

And on top of all of this, the Newsletter also covers all competitions and competition winners, awards, and general exciting ‘Beyond the Forum’ news, with the latter taking a look at publishing success for members away from Writing Forums. Have a release coming up? Then if it's mentioned on site in the WF Beyond the Forum thread, it will be covered in the Newsletter.


Where we usually gratuitously scout all this content prior to editing and publication, we do also accept submissions from members who might have an interesting short story, poem, Essay, or illustration/photo that would catch our readership’s eye. So like any publication, we would also like to invite you to submit to the WF Newsletter.

If you would like to submit prose, poetry, ideas for an essay, or artwork, please contact Aquilo, who will pass your submission on to the Newsletter Content Director or Art Director for consideration.

Just a reminder on length:

Poetry: 300 words (Max)
Prose: 700-1000 words (Max)
Essays: 700-1000 words (Max)

But if you do have something fantastic that exceeds these lengths a little, please get in touch and let Aquilo know.

If you would like to recommend a member for a catfish or WF author interview, please contact PiP.

If you would like to see a particular Guest Interview on WF (author, poet, editor, cover artist etc), please contact am_hammy.

Meet the Newsletter Staff

Editorial and main Content Director: Reichelina
Art Director and Formatting: sigmadog
Editor: Aquilo
Newsletter Interview Directors: am_hammy (Guest interviews) and PiP (Guest & WF Interviews)
Podcast Directors: am_hammy with Yumi Koizumi
WF Content Acquisitions: Reichelina, Aquilo, am_hammy, PiP, TKent
WF Artwork Acquisitions: sigmadog and Aquilo
Social Media Promotions: PiP
WF Newsletter Promotions: Aquilo and KellInkston
General Submissions: Aquilo
WF Author Interview Queries: PiP
Have a flair for Photography or Illustration?

Are you a photographer, artist, illustrator, or someone inspired in the visual medium, and want to have your artwork published in the Newsletter? The lovely PrinzeCharming hosts a closed group: A Thousand Words, where he works in coalition with the Newsletter and runs a monthly themed topic. A particular theme will be given to the artists, and they'll create artwork for possible use in the newsletter. This particular themed photo call runs between 1st-15th of every month. All are welcome to participate, be thee seasoned or aspiring, be thee photographer, artist, or illustrator of any kind.

If you're not already a member, please join A Thousand Words from the main 'group page' found here.

We look forward to working with you soon!

On behalf of Newsletter staff,