The House at the edge of dawn

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Thread: The House at the edge of dawn

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    The House at the edge of dawn

    This is a surreal play. It begin with a girl in a dark room, refusing to come out. Her lover tries to persuade her to leave.

    The 2 Acts are not connected by any linear timeline.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated guys.
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    This was very impressionistic; I like that. You pulled the reader into the story, and the characters were real. I thought the language, however, was a little off at times; one moment someone would be talking in formal language, the next moment speaking crassly. Give each character a distinct way of speaking, and stick to it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to read. Im glad you felt the play worked.
    I do understand what you say about the dialogue. Ill probably change it after getting fuether feedback on it from a few actors.
    Once again, thanks.

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    I gotta admit that was a little strange. It didn't seem to have much of a plot, and I felt like it went nowhere. However, surreal isn't my particular cup of tea either. I would say that if you can find your target audience and present this to them, they will love it. Keep writing, friend.


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